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Restaurants in India

980 contributors

392 places to eat in India

Restaurants in Mumbai
Le Pain Quotidien
This is a Belgian coffee chain that has a branch in Mumbai, with a great location next to the Gateway of India. It has the same decoration as its other branches have. It's a good place for coffee and light meals (salads, sandwiches), in a relaxed atmosphere (important in chaotic India),where many young people come.
Restaurants in Dharamshala
The Chocolate Log
At the end of Jogivara Road, after passing the Tibetan school is this establishment for lovers of good sweets. Chocolate is a mid-afternoon snack, has a terrace in the middle of an orchard, so it is always cool. The place is all terrace, below the terrace bar area is the kitchen, which is where they serve you, and half a floor, at street level have a mini wine cellar (something rather unusual and difficult to see in India) and on the top terrace. Not that they have many things, but those that they have are very tasty, spectacular cakes, smoothies, coffees and chais, in short, all they have is not much, but quality. The prices are more expensive than average, but as everything is so cheap you can not fail to try, because the quality is great.
Restaurants in New Delhi
The Spice Route
It's magically decorated in an amazing thai style. the service is very good, I recommend the tasting menu which is 150 euros for two people and you can try tons of dishes. They ask if you want it less spicy but thai cuisine is very spicy and taking it away would be unauthentic. It's one of the best restaurants in the world. It's located in the Imperial Hotel, one of the best hotels in India, and is well worth a tour of their impressive facilities .... I recommend you view gala and if they do it according to their customs, you'll feel more integrated into the stunning luxury hotel ....
Culinary Interest in Varanasi
Indian Sweets
Among the incredible and infinite products you can find on the stalls in the Bazaar of Varanasi, Indian cakes are delicious, sweet and dry morsels of amazing taste . Prepared from pistachio, milk, almonds, coconut, figs, chocolate or nuts, these cakes sold everywhere, sometimes in very humble or lavish places and others in shops, where are sold individually and wrapped in a neat box. Obviously, buying one or the other makes the price vary almost absurdly. Even if you feel a little resentment, buying in humbler stalls is a good choice. They are delicious, and are far cheaper.
Restaurants in Gwalior
Usha Kiran Restaurant
This beautiful Hindu palace is not only a hotel and a restaurant, it also comes at a great value and the restaurant serves both Hindu and Western food. Everything was very good and they served warm bread which was naturally rich with spices. Although this restaurant could rest the spices, it curiously had a dish called Spanish spinach hahaha like????? Sevillanas are famous with garganzos spinach, cumin ... etc. But these were with corn and a bechamel sauce, were well good well good cold drinks and a very good service, it was a buffet and replenished quickly, then you can stroll through the gardens of the palace, Good Holiday this restaurant in every way.
Restaurants in Pushkar
Om Shiva Buffet
This restaurant is located at the end of the bazaar, and like everything in Pushkar it's very easy to locate. For 100 rupees, you get a buffet with 5 different kinds of Indian food. It was honestly not bad, but they also have a menu whose local food isn't very exciting. Besides the restaurant, the terrace is very comfy and we watched a beautiful sunset over Lake Pushkar. If you go, you have to try the dessert called "Hello to the Queen", and the pizzas are especially good.
Restaurants in Hospet
Mango Tree,Hampi Restaurant
To get to the Mango Tree restaurant, you have to take the road that goes to the zone where it crosses the river from Hampi to the other side and follow the path on foot for about 10 - 15 minutes through banana plantations. In the middle of this landscape is a very special restaurant: The Mango Tree (named after the huge mango tree that is in the restaurant, from which hangs a swing that everyone tries). Their tables are stationed in an amphitheater, with the landscape character; you eat sitting on straw mats on the floor facing the river. As usual in India, the price is fair and something that is not so common in India is that people care about hygiene and treatment (as in almost Everywhere I have visited), but here it is very nice. We had typical South Indian dishes prepared with lots of flavor (although there were Tibetan dishes, dishes of the north) served on palm leaves that abound in the area. You have to try the lassi (yogurt shakes blended with fruit) or coffee smoothies. It was a very special place to spend the afternoon with friends, with a book, with the couple, come on, with whoever you want.
Restaurants in Chandigarh
Bhoj Vegetarian Restaurant
The Bhoj Vegetarian Restaurant is on the ground floor of a large hotel in Sector 22 B, Chandigarh hotel zone. Outside its inside charm goes completely unnoticed because it's brown wooden facade doesn't call any attention to itself. Inside the restaurant is known for its impeccable rationalist line accompanied by good lighting and furniture, sofas and seats that highlight the essential, practical and functional in a restaurant. Also specialize in serving simply delicious thalis.
Restaurants in Bangalore
MTR Restaurant
MTR stands for Mavalli Tiffin Room. This restaurant near Lallbagh Park is one of the oldest in Bangalore. On our second day we went to visit Bangalore Lallbagh Park, which is an absolute oasis of peace and tranquility in the middle of a noisy city with a lot of traffic. As we got closer to MTR restaurant we decided to eat there. The access door to the restaurant was closed, but we saw people going into a back alley. We decided to go over there, and so we walked through the kitchen and came to a sort of reception area. Nobody there knew English, but after some gesturing it was clear, and they put us at a table with two girls, dressed in their saaris ve spoke some English. They explained the food to us a little bit. It was an unforgettable experience and I recommend this restaurant, it's classic, in Bangalore, and well worth visiting. They're opening another restaurant, in the same house, in another part of the city, which is also very good, but it doesn't have the charm as the one located on Lallbagh Road. I've attached photos of the restaurant and of Lallbagh Park.
Tea Rooms in Jodhpur
Lassi en Jodhpur
Going up the road to the fort of Meheranghar you should stop at one of the food stalls calm the hillside. Most have balconies with great views of the city, and offer a drink typical of India. The lassis are like a spicy liquid yogurt may well be salty or sweet. We can distinguish between the 2. The 1st is made from fruit and is delicious and the 2nd, known as bhang lassi, is a derivative special seasoning cannabis. The latter is also really fun.
Restaurants in Dharamshala
Restaurante Unity
I present what for me is the best restaurant in Bhagsu. Very fresh food, healthy, economical and tasty, the place very clean and the people who run very quiet and pleasant. Carefully prepare great pizzas, delicious Indian dishes (rice biriani spectacular and vegtable kofta) special salad, which deserves special mention, not to mention the delicious pancake, good coffee or tea .... Finally, it makes my mouth water just remembering those delicacies. For some 120rp per person rolling out of there (it is impossible to finsih the more than generous dishes)
Restaurants in Cochin
Chariot Beach Restaurant
The name can be deceiving, but this is actually a Hindu beach bar which is not quite on the beach, though very close. This wonderful bar is very simple, with a thatched roof and a extremely popular restaurant among Western people. It is always packed full especially at night. The best thing is its location at the end of Princess Street, one of the main shopping streets of Cochin. This street is where all the tourists walk after their day trips and excursions. The menu boasts an array of Indian food, fish and pasta with tomato, onion and pepper. The juices were very large and freshly squeezed, there however wasn't any beer since nearby is a school and a church (Hindu custom of a few years ago).
Restaurants in Mumbai
Pizza By The Bay
Open every day of the week from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., this place is part of the Mars group. It began its career in Mumbai in 1968, but this exact restaurant was opened in 1994. It gets pretty crowded because the location is great- it faces the Bay of Mumbai and it's close to the Churchgate metro station. It is mainly pizzas (also served at home) but they also have some pasta dishes, very good indeed, they do serve beer here. It is a place frequented mainly by young people, and also have karaoke with what is usually very lively. The staff is very nice.
Restaurants in New Delhi
Chor Bizarre
You'll have to excuse me, but I don't know the real name, only the translation. The guide told us that the name comes from the fact that everything inside the restaurant was robbed. The truth is it was a very interesting restaurant in the heart of Old Delhi and our first experience with Indian food. It really IS that spicy, but very good :o).
Restaurants in Khajuraho
Mahal Restaurant
In the Mahal Restaurant that can be found in Khajuraho, you'll eat some delicious pizza, along with more traditional Indian fare. The service is very warm and friendly, is one of the hotel's restaurants Taj Chandela. See in the picture a rich selecion of Indian sauces and pizza- yummm!! I needed a break from all the spicy food. I definitely recommend this well-priced place to you.
Restaurants in Udaipur
Jhrokha Restaurant
A dinner from a movie, on a movie set. Everything starts with a boat ride at sunset from the very lading stage that you have to make a booking to go to the Lake palace, a palace located in the middle of Lake Pichola, the mountains on one side, on the other side the large Maharaja's palace illuminated at nights and is a delight to the eye. On the hotel boat you are greeted like a maharaja, from reception through all intalaciones, gardens and restaurant you feel like a you are in a fairy tale. typical Indian food but well cooked, I recommend the chicken masala skewers or tandori .. in this white marble palace part of the 007 movie Octopussy was filmed.
Restaurants in Pernem
Dreamcatcher, Restaurante Arambol
Sleeping in Arambol is quite simple. I will tell you about one of these places; the Dreamcatcher. This restaurant, yoga school, room and den is on Arambol Beach, north of Goa. There are quite a few sites, but this kitchen is very cheap, fresh and delicious, and they make fabulous shakes. The accommodation is more expensive across the beach in general (the cabins here can be up to 800rps, compared to 200rps paid in town) than inside the village, although it is also very easy to find a house if you ask. But here in the Dreamcatcher, you can also take yoga classes, enjoy table concerts, hear sitar and didgeridoo, and see some amazing sunsets while having a coffee milkshake and relaxing with friends. A lovely place.
Restaurants in Diu
Herança Goesa
Diu is a site in India with Portuguese heritage, but it's much less popular than Goa, perhaps because of it's beautiful beaches. In contrast Diu has kept it's roots of Portuguese culture. I discovered the during breakfast and dinner at the restaurant Herança Goesa, by family da Cruz. Their mixture of Portuguese and Indian cuisine is absolutely delicious. The food is served in the small garden, on the veranda, or at a family dining table indoors for up to 10 people. It is the perfect place to make new friends with a good fish in paprika.