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Restaurants in Myanmar

397 contributors

142 places to eat in Myanmar

Restaurants in Yangon
Green Elephant Restaurant
Our guide took us to eat at this restaurante. It was included in the tour and we were surprised, because there was no tourists. The restaurant has a great location in that you forget you are in the middle of the city. The restaurant is wonderful with delicious Burmese dishes and great service. I cannot inform about the price because as I said it was included, but I imagine it would not be very expensive. This restaurant is a chain in Yangon (where I was), Mandalay and Bagan, you only have to enter their website and there you will find all the information. I recommend it.
Restaurants in Mandalay
Bar Restaurant Mann
By day it is a quiet and pleasant restaurant that is pretty cheap, where they have huge noodle soups that are Burmese and Thai-style, but in the evening it becomes a meeting point of Burmese ordering local whiskey bottles. They give them a bucket of ice and spend hours drinking. Sometimes they have satellite tv channels on and it seems like they are watching it from another world.
Cafés in Mandalay
Nylon Icecream Bar
Surely the cafe / gelato shop that is most popular in Myanmar. They have ice cream of all different kinds, including some with flavors such as Durian, the huge Asian fruit that tastes good but smells horrible. My favorite drink is Lassi, the typical Indian yogurt smoothie that is sometimes combined with fruits like mango and banana.
Restaurants in Bago
Kyaw Swa Restaurant
The Kyaw Swa Restaurant allows for a slight change in the typical Myanmar diet, which can be a bit boring. The menu has Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Prices are levied in Burmese food restaurants, but the portions are pretty big, which is ideal if you want to eat in groups and share everything. The waiters are very friendly. The owner keeps the accounts of the restaurant to the minute. Food can go for about $ 4 per person.
Restaurants in Yangon
The Thiripyitsaya Sky Bistro
Maybe skyscrapers is an exaggeration,but this building gives you a great view of downtown Yangon. On the 20th floor there is a luxury restaurant and cafeteria, but a beeris 1500 kyats and a milkshake 3000 kyat. So it's an affordable luxury. Good views, great food, music and a small venial pleasure in a city full of sounds and smells of Myanmar in every corner. Wake up to photograph the illuminated pagodas.
Restaurants in Taunggyi
Thauk Kyar Kyi - Lago Inle Restaurant
This restaurant is situated in Nyaung Shwe, the main town to be found on Lake Inle. It serves beer, whiskey, etc. With the main course they serve you the typical vegetable soup from the area. It is really delicious, and as an extra dish they serve you onion tomato chili sauce. It's easy to listen to rock music in the country and the waiter is a big fan of European football. They have beer on tap, which is cheaper. You can eat for between 2,000 and 4,000 kyat (1.6 to 3.2 €). The meat or fish dishes cost 2,500 kyat, accompanying rice 300 kyats (standard price). A pitcher of beer costs 550 kyat.
Restaurants in Taunggyi
Food Stalls in the Market of Nyaung Shwe (Inle Lake)
Eating is very cheap and good in Nyaung Shwe (on Inle Lake) with its best example being found in the food stalls in the market which is held on Mondays. You can share a table with visitors to the market or sellers and pay only 500 kyat (€ 0.4) for a plate of shan noodles with tofu, very tasty, the soup most common in the area, with compliments of the house.
Restaurants in Bago
Bar de Comida India Junto Al Hotel Three Five
This Indian food bar, located next to Hotel Three Five, and very near to the Myananda Hotel is the perfect place to have breakfast. As everywhere in Myanmar (Burma), tea is served free. For lunch you can choose freshly made samosas or a huge chapati, served with 3 different sauces. The prices are great, only a 250 kyat (0.25 dollars).
Restaurants in Bagan
Kan Yeik Thor Restaurant
You can easily spot this little restaurant because it's the only restaurant facing the port of Nyaung U, in Bagan's main town. Despite the simplicity of the restaurant, the food is tasty, specializing in Burmese cuisine. Everything is cooked on the spot by the chef, the father of the family who runs the restaurant and was one of Bagan's important restaurant chefs. The two oldest daughters speak English and are eager to practice and answer any questions you might have. They are a great family and I recommend it 100%. You can have lunch or dinner there. Food costs about 1500-2000 kyat (1.5 - $ 2).
Restaurants in Yangon
50th Street Cafe
One of the best bars in Yangon is 50th Street Bar. Ant Alderson is a one of a kind place with both a bar and restaurant with class .. There are all kinds of events, such as: On Monday Night Poker on Tuesday steak and wine happy hour on Wednesday pizza on Thursday or Friday, half price cocktails for ladies on Friday band the house playing jazz and blues, brunch Saturday and Sunday. The staff's favorite! Happy Hour all day! It has a pretty environment, expatriates playing pool, Burmese of the emerging middle class of the cities eating, drinking, dancing ... It is the ideal place to watch a football game (several screens with major satellite channels sports) tastefully decorated and the best shelter if you are tired of exoticism penetrating the rest of the bars in the city or harassment. There are many beautiful ladies flitting in search of their daily man with joy and self-confidence in many other bars in the city. I really recommend this bar!
Restaurants in Yangon
En El Barrio Chino Restaurants
The food from street stalls is a good choice so you can start to feel integrated in a city like Yangon. You sit on plastic chairs at a small plastic table and enjoy the variety of food. I had a tea behind one and just people watched. During the days I was there, every night was better than the last.
Restaurants in Bagan
Sarabha y Sarabha II Restaurants
These two restaurants are very close to each other. The former is designed more for groups, and the second for individuals or couples. They are located right next to the entrance to Old Bagan, making it a convenient place to take a break at noon, in the heat. You can eat there and take a break on the terrace before returning to the roads on bike.
Restaurants in Taunggyi
Aung Myint Restaurant
Most of the restaurants in Nyaungshwe are intended for visitors, and many offer international cuisine, plus Bimana, Thai and Chinese food, but if you leave the main road, as in the case of this small restaurant with 5 tables, you have very good Burmese cuisine at a good price. Specifically the Inle lake fish served here in several ways are all delicious.
Restaurants in Taunggyi
Unique Restaurant
The Unique is a mid-range restaurant oriented to foreign visitors. It's in the main street and is one the most authentic. The restaurant is attached to the owner's home, and children walk around, but the place is very nice and the service good. The fish of the day from the lakes is highly recommended. It is prepared in the Burmese way, with lemon grass, spices and other herbs.
Cafés in Hsipaw
The Black House
It's a shame that the original owner of the Black House, an Australian married to a Burmese, is gone and has left the place in the hands of people who can't even make a good coffee. They have one of those French filter coffee machines that make it too light for my taste. In any case, the view over the river makes up for everything, and the banana cake or chocolate cake are delicious.
Restaurants in Pyin U Lwin
Panga Bar
This small yet colourful restaurant caught my attention because of its decoration, becasue in general in Myanmar they don't usually pa too much attention to such things, but this was an exception. The table was made of glass and under totally kitch decor. Other than that, the food was very good, and they made a lovely soup with coconut milk and it was delicious
Restaurants in Yangon
Padonmar Restaurant
This restaurant is located on the outskirts of Yangon. It's a beautiful house with different charming rooms surrounded by a small garden. The walls are adorned with Burmese motifs. The food is typical Burmese. I recommend ordering the tasting menu. Delicious lentil soup and vegetable dishes.
Restaurants in Mandalay
Green Elephant Restaurant
We decided to go out to dinner at a traditional Burmese restaurant, and they recommended this one. We took a taxi and we found a lovely restaurant in a traditional area where we could eat at low tables and drink tea, and then a Western restaurant, with walls made of plaited palm leaves. The food was made up of typical Burmese and Chinese dishes. There were of course curries with chicken, beef or pork, and ability to order soup or fried noodles or fried rice.