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Restaurants in Asturias

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813 places to eat in Asturias

Restaurants in Cangas de Onís
El Abuelo Restaurant
Mother! Excellent restaurant! Central, with many people but very well organized (you get seated immediately), homemade food, delicious and plentiful ... They had to pull us out! Ajajajaj ... And all for 11 € menu. First we ate beans with clams and pork, the second plate was escalopines cabrales and lamb and rice pudding for dessert and then cheese mouse. A bottle of water of 1.5 L, a Coke Zero (which is not in menu), bread (delicious) and a black coffee. All it cost: 24.90 €. The service was great and fast and I completely recommend this restuarant.
Restaurants in Gijón
Sidrería Tierra Astur Poniente
Tierra Astur has finally reached Gijón, located in front of the popular Poniente Beach, and in the basement of one of the most characteristic buildings in Gijon due to its ship appearance outside. Following the line of its older brothers Tierra Astur Gascona and Aguila, it offers traditional Asturian dishes and an extensive menu which includes many cheeses, stews, meats, fish and varied and rich desserts.
Restaurants in Oviedo
La Corte de Pelayo Restaurant
I dined at this restaurant in the centre of Oviedo, one of the best known of the city, and the truth is I was delighted. For starters we got a goat’s cheese salad with Iberian ham and it was delicious. Then my wife ate a bass that I did not try but which looked very nice, and I ate the Cachopo (a type of sandwich made of ham, cheese and asparagus where instead of bread fillets of beef, fish or vegetables are used) that tasted great. I've eaten here more often and the truth is that one eats very well, and on top of that, you are in the downtown Oviedo.
Restaurants in Lastres
El Mirador Restaurant
Impressed! That is how one feels after going up the Lastres highway which leads to the restaurant and admiring the views that wait. Once you enter the restaurant and look through their window panes, you fall completely in love with the place. Nothing to envy about all those places in Ibiza that enjoy so much success, really, this is an authentic luxury. And we are talking about, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. It hurts me to not see it in some of the lists that are made in that respect... And what can you ask from a restaurant that has views as breath-taking as the ones you're about to see? That you eat well. Well, I ate well, no, truly luxuriously. Although, I did miss the waiter making that classic remark: "I think you have ordered too much." The stewed rice with prawns and clams was scandalous and what can one say about the fabes (fava beans) or grilled shrimp ... for a small drink after the meal, before leaving, they have a terrace with even better views. I have to give this place a 10, well a 9 because they forgot to put the leftover rice in some Tupperware like we asked. You have to go!
Restaurants in Oviedo
Tierra Astur
This restaurant is in the famous Gascon, the street with all the cider houses in Oviedo. You can taste some of the best Asturian cuisine like bean stew, soups, cheese sausage, toast with picadillo, all accompanied by good cider. There is also a shop where you can buy local Asturian produce. I recommend ordering the Asturias plate for 4 people and nothing else. You'll get very, very good food. There's another larger restaurant just outside Oviedo, in Colloto.
Restaurants in Gijón
Restaurante Sidreria La Galana
Just a couple of blocks from the centre of Gijón, this cider house gives you the option to sit on the terrace, to have pintxos at the bar, or to eat in the restaurant. The latter was our choice and it was a success. We ordered tapas to share, accompanied by cider and wine. It's a typical Asturian restaurant with a great atmosphere.
Restaurants in Avilés
Tierra Astur
I was unaware that Tierra Astur was part of a chain. The first time I visited one was in Avilés and I was surprised by its decoration which makes the restaurant unique. They keep their bar, surrounded by pourers and decorated everywhere with bottles of cider. The restaurant tables are quite original and made out of old cider barrels. A perfect addition to a classic Asturian dinner.
Tapas Bars in Gijón
The El Carmen Neighborhood
This area has become very fashionable lately. It's an ideal place to have a glass of wine before dinner or before going out for the night. There are some really affordable places to have a bite to eat and a glass of wine for only 2 euros. Any of the bars are good, but my favorite is La Competencia where they give you a slice of fresh-baked pizza with each glass of wine you order. The only downside to going out here is that it gets fulls of people and there often times isn't a place to sit down!
Restaurants in Avilés
Tataguyo Restaurant
We were having dinner here for two adults and two children. We had the special house salad with a ham that was heavenly, fried anglerfish, quite a rich cheese cake and scorpionfish accompanied by a bottle of cider and bottle of water. We ate pretty well and as it was August it was buzzing, with everyone liking it so much. The price was not very cheap at €70.
Restaurants in Llanes
Parrilla la Veguca
We were on vacation and we stopped at this place, on the recommendation I saw made by Bruji25. Thanks Bruji. It was great to eat here. First we had the octopus salad, shrimp, baby eels and warm scallops. Delicious. Afterwards a few lechazo (unweaned lamb) chops and scallops with pepper. We ate very well and at a very reasonable price. Thanks for your suggestion.
Restaurants in Llanes
Casa Canene
Menu 10 € and we went on Saturday! They have plenty of delicious dishes. They are very well organized and they served us quickly even though there were a lot of people, I only took the first 2 picture, the truth is that I forgot the rest. Most certainly very recommended!
Restaurants in Gijón
Sidreria El Requexu
The Requexu is a restaurant that has been here in Cimadevilla for several years, always maintaining good quality food. They have a variety of salads, but the best things on offer here are the meat dishes and tapas, with some specialties being particularly highly recommended, like the scrambled eggs (four different varieties). The cider is good, the Trabanco brand. As for the price, it's in the middle of the range that you'll find in this area: you can dine will for about € 12 - € 15
Restaurants in Cangas de Onís
La Sifoneria
After a fascinating day in the countryside visiting the Lagos de Covadonga there is nothing like eating at The Sifoneria in Cangas de Onísto to regain strength. A bottle of cider on the table, a platter of cured meats and cheese, Cabrales croquettes and homemade potatoes, ham and eggs and your vacation will stay in your memory forever!
Restaurants in Cangas de Onís
Sidreria Los Ramos
Stunning kitchen, the service is exemplary and unsurpassed value. My only complaint is that it is far from home, but I usually go 10-15 times per year. I recommend the stew, the scallops, sirloin (amazing) and delicious fish. A place to be if you are with someone or even if you like to be alone.
Cafés in Oviedo
Rialto Pastry Shop
If you go here, you can't leave without trying the typical Asturian sweet which is casadielles, a pastry filled with a thin cream, and carbayones, although make sure you leave some space for a "little princess" which are delicious thumbnails that melt in your mouth and the famous Muscovites, which is an almond paste with cream coated in chocolate, that made this confectionery famous.
Restaurants in Gijón
Sidreria Candasu
The Candasu restaurant is located in the area of Nuevo Gijon, on the outskirts of the city, very close to the Corte Ingles department store. It has three distinct areas: the indoor dining room, the outdoor terrace, and the ground floor for large groups. It's famous for its cider, and you can see waiters pouring the drink at blazing speed! There are varied menus available for celebrations, but you need a minimum of 20 people. I tried a few things: Iberian sausages, potatoes with three sauces (bravas, aioli, and goat's cheese), squid, grilled ribs, chicken in garlic and calamari ... all delicious! As for desserts, I've only tried the chocolate cake, the chocolate coulant, and the homemade flan (served with ice cream).
Restaurants in Illas
Bar la Tenada
It is a bar located in La Cruz de Illas, right next to the Church. From Aviles it is on the highway to Grado, passing the Vallina sausage factory after around 2 km, take the turning to the left into Illas. You must be prepared mentally for the fact that you are going to eat until you burst, if not don’t even think about it. The menu is exactly like the sign at the entrance says. Menu: That of every day and consists of: - Collard green stew accompanied by a corresponding homemade “compango” (chorizo, blood sausage, lacón (dried ham product made from the shoulder), bacon and black pudding). - Dish of homemade loin, fried eggs and chips - Tripe casserole - Picadillo (similar to hash) casserole - Dish of lamb stew with potatoes - Dish of stewed meat with potatoes. And asking in each of the dishes if you want more, which believe me is difficult to repeat them all... Desserts to choose from: homemade rice pudding, Swiss roll, whiskey ice cream cake, quince cheese. House shooters: three types of Marc (honey, herbs and white). The bottles are left on the table so that one can drink as much as one wants. Price: 21 euros. Fabada (bean stew) is added to the Sunday menu. The cider is homemade, slightly sweet and very, very tasty.
Restaurants in Gijón
Sidreria El Globo
Sidreria El Globo is one of my favorite spots in Gijon. It's located in downtown on a street that runs parallel to the San Lorenzo promenade, close to the main square and Cimadevilla. It's always full of people, so it's better to book in advance. It's a two-story building, with a cider bar on the ground floor and above a space for dining. The decor is simple, and the menu specializes in typical Asturian food with plenty of seafood, cheeses, beans, beef, etc. The desserts are homemade, and as for drinks - they have an extensive wine list, but if you're in Asturias, you really ought to try the cider for which the area is famous. Every time I've gone, I've eaten really well: the portions are generous and good quality. It's not cheap - it's about 30 euro per person - but it's worth it.