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Restaurants in Turkey

593 contributors

212 places to eat in Turkey

Cafés in Istanbul
Pierre Loti Café
I have little to add to the helpful and thorough reviews written by other travelers. I would just like to mention that a Turkish friend toos us there, as it is always ideal that local people who can help you discover the hidden areas. In our case, we were in a taxi and we had the typical apple tea while enjoying the panoramic views. It is quite touristy yet interesting.
Restaurants in Istanbul
Tarihi Sultanahmet Köftecisi Selim Usta
We went on the recommendation of a friend who had been living in Istanbul for 5 years. He said they served the best meatballs (beef) in the city. And he was right. They are incredible. They are served with a bean salad and lentil soup ... If you can have both. Alternatively there is a dish of lamb skewers. As in many places in the old part of Istanbul, they do not serve alcohol, the best alternative is Ayran (salty yoghurt).
Restaurants in Istanbul
Galata Boat Restaurant
On the Golden Horn side of the Galata Bridge, I found one of the things I always look for during my travels: a cheap, authentic meal with the locals. If you're looking for a nice lunch, skip the restaurants on the bridge itself, which are pushy and really expensive, and wander over to the two or three brightly-colored boats docked just to the left of the bridge. The boats sell grilled-fish sandwiches for 3 lira each and there are stools set up around the boats where you can crowd in and eat. The sandwiches are delicious and the fish is fresh and smokey, and it's served with a little parsley and onion. Lots of people are walking around the stools selling drinks, but, if you have taste 1, head over the the little buggy with the plastic cups full of pink fruit punch looking stuff. Well, it's olive juice...and the pink color comes from the pickled beets soaking in it. Absolutely repugnant on it's own, but when you mix it with the smokey fish sandwich, it actually tastes great! Anyways, Istanbul can be tricky food-wise. It has a lot of over-priced, low-quality tourist joints and a lot of delicious-looking but imposing local places. The Galata Bridge Boat restaurants, though, are approachable, cheap, and tasty as hell. Recommended 100%.
Restaurants in Istanbul
Food Stalls at the Port
The banks of the Bosphorus and Golden Horn are lined with food stalls where both tourists and villagers alike can enjoy a freshly caught fish, some tomatoes and grilled asparagus or a perhaps even try a plate of "sharma" (spicy rice wrapped in palm leaves). Turkish food is delicious, healthy, Mediterranean and very spicy. There are a variety of vegetables, fish, pizzas and rice dishes. Eating here is a great option if you want to try and save money while visiting Istanbul. Everything is really delicious!
Restaurants in Istanbul
Binbirdirek Cistern Restaurant
One of the most special and most charming things that you can do in Istanbul is to have Turkish tea at Binbirek Cistern. Included in the admission price to the Cisterna is a drink. The truth is that it's a great idea, although not every day to have a drink in a Century building! The atmosphere is very evocative, the humidity invades everything, you can hear the water dripping through the channels, a reddish light wrapped around the columns and jazz music playing in the background. This is a must if you are going to Istanbul! A truly secret place, unknown to most, and for me it was one of the most magical moments of the trip.
Culinary Interest in Istanbul
Outdoor Restaurants in Sultanahmet
In good weather, Sultanahmet, Istanbul's oldest district, becomes a diverse outdoor dining room. The restaurant terraces are full of people, to the point that you have to walk dodging tables and diners. The nicest thing is that the terraces are decorated, not only with tiny lights and plants, but with beautiful carpets laid on the pavements.
Restaurants in Istanbul
Rumeli Café Restaurant
The streets of Sultanahmet are transformed in the afternoon, when people invade restaurants and assemble on its lovely terraces. The Rumeli Café is a restaurant that at first glance seems like the rest, then, when you sit at the table, you realize that it is a more elegant and traditional than the rest, frequented much more by people from Istanbul rather by tourists. The restaurant serves amazing traditional dishes from Turkey, but with a modern twist. The Rumeli Café is housed in a charming restored Ottoman house with a lot of atmosphere.
Restaurants in Istanbul
Corlulu Ali Pasa Medresesi Teahouse
The tea shop can be found in the center of Istanbul. It is located in the medrese of the mosque next to the Grand Bazaar on the corner of Yeniçeriler Street and Bileyciler Street. The courtyard was built in the seventeenth century by Corlulu Ali Pasa, the son-in-law of Mustafa II and Grand Vizier of Ahmet III.
Restaurants in Istanbul
Beyaz Inci
Its name means pearl white and is one of the best restaurants in the Galata Bridge. They are very persistent and there is a lot of competition, about 20 restaurants attached to each other, the good part is that you can negotiate, we did and received a 20% discount and complimentary tea. It served very good fish and had spectacular views at sunset
Restaurants in Istanbul
Neyle Meyle Meyhane
This restaurant, located on the famous Nevizade Sokak, is a good place to taste authentic Turkish mezes. To avoid any confusion with the names and ingredients, at the beginning of the meal, they bring you a massive-and succulent-looking tray with all the mezes available. The stuffed peppers, the Sharmas (spicy rice wrapped in grape leaves), fish marinated in olive oil, spinach with yogurt. Really everything is delicious in this restaurant, the people are very friendly, and it's always busy. One tip: don't miss the impromptu concerts of Turkish music they hold every now and then on the top floor of the restaurant.
Restaurants in Istanbul
Gani Gani Restaurant
Authentic restaurant with spectacular food. It is a restaurant with several floors where you sit on the floor, barefoot and with cushions, in an area that has amazing charm. If you go to the Beyoglu area, you really can't miss it. It is my favorite restaurant, not only in Istanbul (which isn't that easy to find, part of the charm, I guess).
Restaurants in Pamukkale
Kayas Wine House
The food in the tiny village of Pamukkale is not wide, but recommended. Especially this restaurant that is run by a very nice, smart and talkative Turkish man who will sit with you to smoke hookah (the best I had in Turkey) and in English will talk with you with a smile on his face . What is really delicious are the kebabs, and cheap. It also has cable TV and a veranda for summer. But the best thing about it is, without doubt, the quality of the family that runs it. One of my best experiences of my trip to Turkey was the talk of more than 3 hours we had with the owner. Among hookah and shisha, flavored with a delicious Turkish tea, the conversation was flowing. The life of Spainish and Turkish, family, jokes Turkish football history, the ubiquitous Atatürk "father of the Turks" ... Good food, delicious tea, the best hookah and great humanity in this small Pamukkale. Do not fail to make a visit!
Cafés in Istanbul
Turkish Coffee
Although we had to try Turkish coffee, which I did once and only once, I prefer Turkish tea, especially with apple. Turkish coffee is strong and somewhat thick. If you like strong coffee, you'll be in heaven. In my stay in Istanbul, I went "home" to ny apple tea. In many places, they treat you to tea just for reading the restaurant menu.
Cafés in Nevsehir
Tetería Diker
This tearoom is in an idyllic location next to the river on the walk from the canyon to Ilhara. There is cold apple tea or sodas. And while you're sitting down you can look at the pretty garden and the ducks swimming in the river.
Restaurants in Nevsehir
Dede Efendi Restaurant
A very nice restaurant in the area of ​​the cave dwellings, with traditional Turkish specialties such as roast lamb made in a crock pot, covered with bread dough. Because it is a restaurant frequented by tourists, it serves alcohol.
Cafés in Kusadasi
Harward Café
When you´re in Dee Kusadasi port, which is reached by boat, the best place to cool off and have a drink while enjoying the view of the bay and surfing the internet Harward Cafe. Right next to the Starbucks where the signal is bad and the service is lousy, the owner at Harward is a young guy that gives you his best attention.
Restaurants in Kayseri
Takubiya is short for "Tantuni yapariz see kunefeyi biz", which means "We make the best Tantuni and kunefe". They are not mistaken. For 5tl can have Tantuni + Ayran (yogurt drink, if you ask them they will give you cold ayran), "taze" Kunefe costs 6tl and is really yummy. Oh, and the tea is on the house.
Restaurants in Istanbul
Rami Restaurant
A romantic dinner in Istanbul in an old restored wooden restaurant that's actually a museum (it has several works by the Turkish Impressionist painter Rami Uluer). Candles, mirrors, small tables, music, terrace and views over the Blue Mosque. To top it off, delicious Turkish cuisine, the best dolmas I've ever eaten and sis kebab to be repeated. After dinner walk down to the square to see the sound and light show of the Blue Mosque -what more could you want?