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Amusement Parks in United States

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56 Amusement Parks in United States

Amusement Parks in Lake Buena Vista
Magic Kingdom
Since the beginning of 2011 I spent most of the year convincing my mom that I did not want the party but that I wanted to go to Disney and she told me I could pay but the thing was that she did not think I was ready to go so far away, anyway so in August went to find halls and we spent all day doing this and my mum was shocked by the price. Until the next day when she went to find a travel agent and find out how much Disney would cost and we discussed it all weekend until Monday when she reserved the trip for me. I spent the rest of the time crossing the days off the calendar until the day we left when I got up at 7 am to go to the airport to go to the land of Mickey Mouse, my hero. If you can go go, I swear I will not forget this trip ever, I desire to return, how I miss DISNEY: '(
Amusement Parks in Orlando
Universal Studios Orlando
Any fans of the Simpsons and roller-coasters can't miss The Simpsons Ride, a virtual roller-coaster at Universal Orlando. This is one of the busiest rides in the park, and queues are always huge, but it's worth it. You'll feel like you're living in Springfield because you literally enter Krustyland, Krusty the Clown's amusement park. Characters come out, so you can take pictures with Bart, Lisa, Homer and the rest. The ride is super fun despite being virtual, it really seems like a real roller coaster and some points are electrifying. You can even smell the gum in the air at one point! I went on this ride about 5 times. It was one of the coolest that I found in the park.
Amusement Parks in New York
Coney Island
Amusement Parks in Santa Clarita
Six Flags Magic Mountain
If your looking for a day with thrills and excitement this is the place to see. allot of rides but always big area. bring walking shoes.
Amusement Parks in Tampa
Busch Gardens
As you go on the roller coasters, you can see that below you there are rhinos, giraffes, and other wild animals! ..... You can also do safaris, watch movies in 4D, feed some animals, ride some other roller coasters, and eat in one of this place's various theme restaurants.
Amusement Parks in Santa Monica
Pacific Park
Pretty amazing
Amusement Parks in Lake Buena Vista
It`s A Small World
"Welcome to the happiest cruise that ever sailed" says this attraction at Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Basically, it is a boat trip around the world, where each country is represented by its most characteristic monuments and some pretty funny cartoons characterized in traditional costumes of each region. It lasts about 10-15 minutes, all the while playing the same song. The language varies by region or continent (in South America, it is in Spanish) but it is still the same tune over and over again, and again. It's good because a lot of countries are well represented and the models are very funny. Others, you are not sure what country they are, adding some "excitement" to the trip, because it means you can try to find out through the costumes or scenery. But don't wory, Spain is easy: Don Quixote, Sancho Panza and a pair of flamenco dancers! It is neither the best nor the worst attraction. If you are close and the queue isn't too big, it's worth going to.
Amusement Parks in Lake Buena Vista
Disney Dreams Come True Parade
One of the many ways to get back to feeling like a kid is to go to Disney World's Magic Kingdom, Orlando. Besides the night parade (one of the most striking) there is a parade during the day (usually mid-afternoon), all the characters get up on floats and parade from Main St. USA (main entrance) to Frontierland (west), but sometimes they do the opposite. It lasts for about 30 minutes and people throng around the streets where the "parade" passes. There is not a better or a worse place to see it, it's just a matter of getting lucky and if you want to see the band, try the front row where it is. One of the most beautiful and striking views is with the Cinderella Castle. Besides the classic Mickey, Minnie and Pluto, also in the parade are the Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Pinocchio, Aladdin, Toy Story characters, Chip & Dale and many more. All floats or walkers are accompanied by catchy songs and dancers who are dancing around the course and encouraging the little ones. It really is worth seeing, especially for children who want to see the faces of all the characters. But not only the children, because adults enjoy it too (myself included) it's like being 6 years old again. Sorry if the video is bad, but my phone did not give more quality.
Amusement Parks in Chicago
Navy Pier Ferris Wheel
The Chicago Dock wheel at Navy Pier can be seen from afar and is a milestone for me that identifies the place. I hesitate to compare it to the London Eye, but it is still an impressive structure. Now, it forms part of a small amusement park and also boasts boats with remote control blimps, a merry go round and miniature golf, among others.Tickets are available at reasonable prices.
Amusement Parks in Los Angeles
Universal CityWalk
Lots of good restaurants to eat at and things to see!
Amusement Parks in Bay Lake
The Hollywood Tower Hotel (Twilight Zone)
The first time I went on the ride was in 1996. At that time, the tower was already one of the busiest rides in the Hollywood Studios park. You enter the attraction, watch a horror movie, then enter the elevator. It fell a little before climbing to the top. With the windows open, you could see the whole park before plummeting in a free fall. It was phenomenal! But now it's been made even better, if that's possible. The number of falls is now programmed by a computer when you enter the elevator, so you can go 10 times in one day and the ride will never be the same twice. It might be one big fall like it was in 1996, or it might be several falls. Pure adrenaline!
Amusement Parks in Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Amusement Parks in Lake Buena Vista
Minnie's Country House
Amusement Parks in Orlando
Key West at Sea World
Located at the entrance of the park, tucked away in a little nook, this is undoubtedly the part of Sea World that impressed us the most. How could you fail to fall in love with the beautiful dolphins frolicking in this huge pool? You can watch them and feed them from the edge of the water, but also look at them swimming in the magical underwater aquarium. Children will love it, and so will you!
Amusement Parks in Orlando
Disney's Animal Kingdom
A little corner of Nepal welcomes you to your Everest experience. Everywhere you turn you'll feel like you're really headed to base camp, on your way to the highest mountain in the world!
Amusement Parks in Los Angeles
Jurassic Park® — The Ride
For fans of Jurassic Park ve go to Universal Studios, there many things to see / do: - First, in the studio tour you will discover props from the 1993 Spielberg film such as cars, trucks, equipment, etc. . - Secondly, you can have fun at Jurassic Park River Adventure, consisting of a sort of log ride, and afterwards you can buy a photo of your experience of course! To summarize the story, Jurassic Park is an amusement park with real dinosaurs cloned from DNA. A group of scientists is invited to visit the park, but after the dinosaurs escape, they must battle for survival!
Amusement Parks in Orlando
Jurassic Park River Adventure
Jurassic Park River Adventure is located in the Universal Studios theme park in Orlando. This attraction was created several years ago when the first movie came out. There's a water ride, and you can also see some sets and props from the film, the dinosaurs, and of course souvenir shops! This park is ideal for fans of Jurassic Park.
Amusement Parks in Los Angeles
The Simpson Ride at Universal Studios
If you're a fan of The Simpsons and you go to LA, you can't miss this ride! Watching the giant screen, you feel like you're on a roller-coaster with the Simpson family, and you really feel like you're falling...this is a fantastic attraction, great for kids and adults, and my favorite in the park!