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Canyons in United States

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18 Canyons in United States

Canyons in Gran Cañón Village
The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is huge to a point where no photo can do it justice. It started as a fault along a tectonic plate that was slowly eroded by the Colorado River over the centuries. As you head down into the massive canyon, it's like traveling through the history of Earth. You discover all kinds of plant life and fossils from every era. Make sure to bring something to snack on and a hat to beat the sun!
Canyons in Page
Upper Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona is a sacred and magical place. Let me explain: it's special because, unlike many canyons which form by a river, Antelope Canyon is actually a massive mound of fossilized sand that was washed out by rain and flash floods. The result, as you can see, is sublime. The walls fold and undulate like they were made out of cloth. It's also a sacred place belonging to the Navajo Nation and only certified Indian guides are allowed to bring visitors through the canyon.
Canyons in Moab
Delicate Arch
Take a walk and go to the amazing delicade Arch and the wonderful landscape around it
Canyons in Springdale
The Narrows
A worthwhile trip through Zion National Parks "The Narrows" area. Your feet will get wet, so be prepared and take food and water and get ready for out-of-this world experiences!
Canyons in Gran Cañón Village
Hermit's Rest
Here is where you have to change your car for a spot in one of the park's public buses. In summer the lines are very long. The bus will stop at the different stops, and the views are more or less the same. They allow you enough time to get off and look before another bus comes along. The last stop is Hermist rest. This place is in memory of a Quebecer named Louis Boucher, who planted a vegetable garden in the year 1890 while searching for gold in the area. There is a typical monument and a commemorative photo of Hermist having traveled the route.
Canyons in Moab
Landscape Arch
This is the longest natural arch in the world. It is located in the Devil's garden path. It is 32 meters high and 93 meters long. In 1991 a piece of rock (20m long and 1m thick) broke off, and it was left hanging in the air.
Canyons in Gran Cañón Village
Moran Point
If you're thinking about visiting the Grand Canyon, you must be wondering where to go for the best views. It's difficult to answer precisely...everything depends on the weather, the season, and even the time of day. But despite all this, I'm happy to recommend Moran Point. Popular with photographers and painters, you can find beautiful views here...the Red Canyon, dotted with green, ochre, red and grey, is particularly stunning. Named after the landscape artist Thomas Moran, whose work of the Grand Canyon in 1873 helped popularize it, it is certainly one of the best places to visit in the area.
Canyons in Moab
Devil´s Garden
This is a path that is situated at the end of the park. One good option is to cross it to get to the park. Here is the greatest number of arcs - nine. You don´t need to do the whole trail, it is 8 miles for a round trip. Not far away you will find the Landscape Arch, but if you are brave and you walk the 4 miles, you will see the double 0. The trail itself is definitely worth it, just for the scenery. When you go out and about 300m away towards the exit of the park there are tables next to a road which are perfect for having a picnic.
Canyons in Gran Cañón Village
Desert View at the Grand Canyon
It is beautiful with impressive landscapes. Navajo point is simply beautiful and the desert view landscape is unexplainable.
Canyons in Gran Cañón Village
Kolb Studio
A wooden house hanging off a cliff. The Kolb brothers settled there in the year 1904. It was from here that they started to photograph everything they saw, especially the local mules. Today it is a bookshop with items of the Grand Canyon. In the basement there is a room with temporary exhibitions of photography and painting. Admission is free. I attached views of the Canyon from there.
Canyons in Bryce Canyon
Navajo Trail
Bbreathtaking views and the trails are very interesting and different from each other!!! loved it.
Canyons in Yellowstone National Park
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
I really enjoyed staying at one of the cabins near Yellowstone Lake within the park. Taking hikes around the area took me to see grazing bison, waterfalls, and some truly amazing viewpoints. The sun overhead illuminated the water in spectacular ways, creating beautiful rainbows, and I was overwhelmed by the stunning scenery. And of course there are the geysers, and the Yellowstone River Canyon which contains fossils from ancient deserts and seas...the information centers here are very helpful, so you can easily find the answers to whatever questions you might have.
Canyons in Chinle
Canyon de Chelly National Monument
The Canyon de Chelly was one of the most pleasant surprises of our trip to the West in 2007. We went because we were half way between the Petrified Forest National Park and Monument Valley. With vertical walls over 300 meters and beautiful ruins of Native Indians (Puebloan people) it is very worth dedicating a day to exploring this place It seems unbelievable that so little is known of it.
Canyons in Gran Cañón Village
Lipan Point
Lipan Point is another scenic spot of the Grand Canyon worth visiting. Located between Moran Point and Navajo Point, to get there you have to go about 700m off the Desert View Drive. The views here are great, a near-360 degree panorama of the desert. Some say that it's the best spot in the Grand Canyon to watch the sunset.
Canyons in Bryce Canyon
Bryce Point
If you drive past the parking sunrise Sunset Point, you come across Bryce Point. Once you leave the vehicle you have to walk a short distance, and you enter a sort of ship´s bow, a dip in the canyon, which offers a view of over 180 º. It offers one of the best views of Bryce Canyon. If you walk a little to the left there is a trail that goes around the basin and takes you away from the busy gazebo. However, as we arrived early, there was nobody there.
Canyons in Moab
Island in the Sky
At mile 313, 51 km from Moab and just past the Canyonlands Visitor center, you can find the Island in the Sky. Its a narrow strip of land connecting the mainland with the island and is bounded by two flowing rivers, the Colorado and the Green, 600 meters below. The Indians and cowboys took advantage of this feature to bring their cattle across. The views are majestic and impressive. The Canyonlands are not very famous, but between this place, Needles, and Dead Horse Point, I liked it better than the Arches. I attached a few unedited videos, sorry for the audio, but the images are worth it.
Canyons in Cannonville
Kodachrome Basin
Situated very close to Bryce Canyon, about an hour's drive away. It does not quite live up to this park but it's quite a nice place (for something bearing a famous name). You are not allowed to enter national parks without paying an entrance fee, but it´s cheap, about 5 euros. I did a small trek during the morning, it´s a small park and not worth spending too long there. There is a rock (shown in the photo) which has become famous for its resemblance to a certain part of the human anatomy.
Canyons in Inyo
Titus Canyon
This narrow, winding canyon that is in California isn't that busy. It's almost on the border with Nevada, in the famous Death Valley. The quickest and easiest option to visit it is accessible via the west and go around on foot, as vehicles are banned in the canyon area. Another fun option is to enter from the east and in that case you can tour the canyon by car, but be careful as some of the road is so narrow only one car can pass along the road. The latter is the most attractive option as it circulates within the canyon surrounded by the rocky walls. Before you get there, you have to go on a long scenic road that goes through the ghost town of Leadfield. To traverse this it's not necessary to have a special vehicle but the area is fairly isolated and deserted so I recommend going with another support vehicle, and not going on a rainy day. If you have GPS or want to locate the Titus Canyon on a maps I leave the approximate coordinates: 36 º 49'20 "(N) and 117 ° 09'33" (O).