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Castles in United States

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13 Castles in United States

Castles in San Simeón
Hearst Castle
Hearst Castle is a palace built by newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst in 1922. It's located near San Simeon, California, on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean, halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco (390km 370km LA and SF). It was built on the principle of "no matter the price or how long it takes". It was donated in 1957 by the Hearst Corporation to the state of California and was later listed as a National Historic Building, and can now be visited by tourists. It occupies an area of 160 km ² and has 56 bedrooms, 61 bathrooms, 19 living rooms, a large expansion of gardens, both indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, a movie theater, an airfield, and the largest private zoo in the world, where you can see each some zebras and other exotic animals. It's full of artwork, as much as architectures as sculptures and paintings acquired by the publisher. The running rates vary. You need to make a reservation during the busy season. If you go down the coast from San Francisco to LA the castle is a must see.
Castles in New York
Belvedere Castle
It's amazing to find a castle, not a big one, but a Castle, in Central Park. It was built in 1853, as indicated on the plate and is Victorian. Today it is an observatory, with exhibitions of plants and animals that live in the park, and is open to the public. It is a very nice area.
Castles in Saint Augustine Beach
Castillo de San Marcos
No kidding, it's a Spanish fortress in the USA, he he he. It's been very well preserved and they still fly the Castile flag. St. Augustine was founded by Spain in 1565. During its first century of existence, nine wooden forts defended its position near the sea. After the English pirate Robert Searle attacked it in 1668, they decided to build a stone castle to protect the city. The construction of the Castillo de San Marcos began in October 1672. In 1818 the Americans renamed the castle Fort Marion. There was little change, although some areas were transformed into cells, which were then used during the Seminole wars. The tour is really cool. The interior and the views of the sea as well as the guns that defended it from danger. I highly recommend this place.
Castles in Inyo
Scotty's Castle
Scotty's castle is a castle in the middle of the desert!. A magnate decided to build this mansion, which has twenty rooms spreads out over 3658 square meters, for dry weather was good for his health. It is a Spanish hacienda-style palace. There is a tour every 30 or 60 minutes from 9 to 17h. I've only seen the Scotty Castle from the outside. If you arrive late you can visit the showroom for free. If your route is from Las Vegas to Los Angeles or Yosemite or the reverse, in order to see Scotty Castle, you'll have to divert to the northwest of the 190 to the 267. If you are doing the route and not doing very well on time, perhaps it is not worthwhile because you have to go back to retake the 190 or 178. If you're not limited on time, then drive the extra 15 miles. If you doing a tour from Las Vegas to Death Valley to return back to the city, the idea is that you would enter through the 190, stoping at all the points that I have mentioned above (Dantes view, Artist Drive, Devils Golf), visit Scotty castle, and then continue to the 267 freeway to the 95 that would take you all the way back to Las Vegas.
Castles in New York
Clinton Castle
The Southwest Battery was built on the southern tip of Manhattan Island between 1808 and 1811. In 1817, it changed its name to Castle Clinton in honor of DeWitt Clinton, mayor of New York. In the summer of 1824, a restaurant and entertainment center opened here and it was also used as an opera house and theater until 1854. In 1855, New York State used it as the immigration office for the more than eight million people who enter the United States through Castle Garden, until it closed in 1890s.
Castles in Saint Augustine
The Spanish Fort
Almost everyone knows the story of the American conquest. How Christopher Columbus, accidentally discovered a whole new world. I have had the luck to have been to the place where Spanish colonization began. It is a relatively small town called Saint Augustine, on the east coast of Florida. The old part of the city could be in any European city. It has the oldest school in America, wooden houses and a large Spanish Fort. It is the oldest place on the continent, with pirate stories, lovely Spanish and South American restaurants. One of my favorite places in the world without a doubt.
Castles in Camp Verde
Montezuma Castle National Monument
And being from the southwest US I've seen many. I would even venture to say that it is even better preserved than anything I've ran across at Mesa Verde in Colorado.
Castles in Hart Island
Boldt Castle
If you take the 2 and a half hour journey from Gananoque, in the middle of the 1000 Islands, you will have the opportunity to visit the famous Hearst Island, where Boldt Castle stands. The castle is named after its builder, George Boldt, who was also owner of the Waldorf-Astoria and the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel. It stands on US territory, so a visa is required if you want to disembark and visit the castle!
Castles in New York
Belvedere Castle
Located next to The Great Lawn in Central Park, Belvedere Castle is a small castle with a pleasant view of the northern part of the park, including The Great Lawn itself. At the foot of Belvedere Castle is a small waterhole called Turtle Pond which is, as its name suggests, filled with little turtles. It was a pretty cool place to visit, and I recommend that you give it a go.
Castles in Princeton
Princeton University
Taking a road trip from New York to Washington this summer, we stopped in the town of Princeton, New Jersey, which is famous for its prestigious university. The university has the distinction of being in a beautiful castle. And for movie buffs, one of the scenes from the film Across the Universe (with a great Beatles soundtrack) was filmed here. We have great memories of this trip!
Castles in Fishkill
Bannerman Castle
A visit to Pollepel Island, or Bannerman Island as it is also known, is the perfect day trip away from the bustle of New York City. It's a ferry ride away to get to the island which is 50 miles north of New York City and can only be reached by boat. It's worth a visit to the ruins of Bannerman Castle that's still on the island today. It's really an abandoned military surplus warehouse but with a guided tour you can learn of the history of the island, understand how it is being preserved by the Bannerman Castle Trust and relax and enjoy the greenery that is the beautiful Hudson Highlands.
Castles in Meriden
Castles in Kansas City
Sauer Castle
Sauer Castle is a spooky and interesting visit if you’re in the Kansas City area. The “castle” (really, it’s more of a mansion, but I suppose its spectacular cliff-top setting makes the term “castle” more appropriate) was built by Anton Sauer in the mid-1800’s and since then it has witnessed a series of bizarre and untimely deaths, leading many to speculate that the house itself is cursed and haunted. Honestly, it’s not hard to see why so many consider it haunted. Just viewing the castle from the street is enough to make your hair stand on end: a creepy, crumbling mansion surrounded by overgrown lawns and ominous no-trespassing signs. The haunting legends have made the mansion a top target for local vandals and adventurous teens, but I’d suggest safely viewing the haunted castle from the street. If you’re looking to get the chills in the hot Kansas summertime, the Sauer Castle is defiantly the place.