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Cities in United States

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90 cities in United States

Cities in Philadelphia
Downtown Philadelphia
The historic centre of the United States, Philadelphia retains a beautiful contrast between the stunning buildings that framed the cry of freedom with surpising buildings of a modern commercial city. There are also many cultural attractions with museums, parks, theaters and street performances throughout the year.
Cities in Washington
GEORGETOWN is a traditional historic neighborhood situated in Washington DC, that looks over the banks of the Potomac River and is frequented by upper class people. GEORGETOWN emerged in 1751 as an autonomous town, until in 1871 when it was incorporated as part of this capital city. It is a very pretty neighborhood where you'll find everything you may need: bars, shopping malls, restaurants, etc.. They are also many embassies based in GEORGETOWN. The houses are very picturesque and you can see greenery everywhere. The area is very clean and tidy.
Cities in Miami
I love living here!
Cities in Hawaiian Beaches
Tip of a mountain of 1,800 m high jutting out of the water north of Hawaii. It is known and marked on navigation charts as "Black Man's Penis".
Cities in Santa Monica
Ocean Front Walk
Bordering the beautiful sandy beach of Santa Monica, the ocean front walk lets you take a nice walk between the city center and the harbor. We love this avenue for its great views of both the houses and the ocean. It's paved, and is popular with cyclists, rollerbladers and skateboarders. Great for a bit of sport!
Cities in Houston
Downtown Houston
You can visit discover green, they have events throughout the year there. Parking is tricky, there is metered parking and parking lots that are about $10.
Cities in Tucson
Tucson is the second largest city in Arizona and it has one of the best universities in the state. It's a sprawling and fairly quiet campus. It is surrounded by the Sonora desert and the views are wonderful. Tucson was established in 1700 by a Jesuit and was later developed as one of the most important towns in the Old West. The buildings are a mixture of Spanish, Mexican, and old and new American architecture. The court is the most beautiful building in the city. It has a gorgeous dome that can be seen from from away. There's lots of stuff to do in this city.
Cities in Kodiak
The Kodiak City is the largest town on Kodiak Island. The island itself is the largest in North America. The populationn of Kodiak is approximately 6,300 people,. There are two main ports and most employment is fishing for salmon, halibut and crab. There is a huge variety of cultures present in Kodiak. The natives are of Aleut race, but there are many Hispanics, Filipinos, Koreans and North Americans.
Cities in Philadelphia
Shops at Liberty Place
These are definitely the two most imposing skyscrapers in Philadelphia. While there are attractions such as the Empire State Building in New York or the Sears Tower in Chicago, these skyscrapers are a symbol of the city and throughout its history its been a record-breaker. Let's start with One Liberty Place: Until just two years ago it was the tallest building in Philadelphia, but completion of the Comcast Centre (296 meters) has placed One Liberty Place in second place. It, with antenna included, 288 meters, is a total of 61 floors and is the second highest in the state of Pennsylvania and is among the 20 highest across the United States. It was completed in 1987 and is fully glazed with a kind of blue mirror that give a special touch, although it is true that The Chrysler Building in New York has a certain air, especially in shape. Designed by Helmut Jahn, they say they'll become the first building in the city somehow skipped over zoning codes that prevented building buildings taller than the statue that's on top of the City. It is located in the financial and business center of the city and is part of a complex, Liberty Place. In it there is absolutely everything from the most luxurious hotels and the finest restaurants, past the fashionable shops. Now Two: It was built about three years after the building One and is practically a twin skyscraper, with minor differences, for example the antenna. It is 258 meters tall and has 5 floors. It is the third tallest skyscraper in the city and is among the highest of about 30 different countries. They really are spectacular and can be seen from any part of the city. The truth is that when I went it was a holiday and there wasn't anyone there and it looked like you couldn't even visit. So, if anyone is in Philadelphia they won't lose much time in getting close to it because it's just next to the town hall. Each one is on the corner of the block between Market and Chestnut streets. NOTE: The Philadelphia Skyline from the 30th Street station is impressive, with the two towers taking over.
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Cities in Philadelphia
Comcast Center
Since 2008 it holds the title of the tallest building in the city of Philadelphia, breaking the record of One Liberty Place. It has 58 floors measuring 297 meters high, which also makes it one of the 15 highest buildings in the United States. The truth is that the Comcast Center is pretty interesting and worth seeing. A mass of glass that rises and whose top seems like a hole (which it is) but it gives a special touch. Construction began in 2004 and at first was named One Pennsylvania Plaza, but finally, after several changes in direction, it's called Comcast, in honor of a television company which has its headquarters there. Really it's just used as an office building but has the random restaurant, television sets and some little shops. There's nothing touristic about it except the fact that its the highest part of the city and shares the skyline with the Towers at Liberty Place. It isn't very hard to find, especially if you walk down Market Street just between the station and the town hall. It's just parallel but hey, it's easy to see from anywhere. The day that I saw it there were some guys cleaning the facade and it gave a lot of respect to that job. Yes, they were there a good amount of time because there were still there several hours later.
Cities in Palm Springs
Palm Springs
The small town of Palm Springs, 187 miles south of Los Angeles, is a popular place to live. It's a spa town where billionaires, businessmen and show business personalities come to get away from it all. At the foot of the Santa Rosa Mountains, the city looks like an oasis, with its tall palms pointing to the sky. The air is always dry, and it's the ideal place for a Christmas getaway.
Cities in Fort Lauderdale
Cities in San Francisco
Starting at the Peace Plaza, the Japanese district of San Francisco, known as Japantown (like Chinatown), is one of the most exotic and picturesque parts of the city. You can find traditional teashops, sushi restaurants, and fascinating, typical Japanese architecture.
Cities in Saint Augustine
St. Augustine
They say it is the oldest town in the U.S. It is where the Spaniards came to settle in Florida. The houses were built in colony style around 1584 or so. It has a fort and trolley rides.
Cities in New Orleans
New Orleans Streetcars
Beginning on the beautiful Canal Street (as its name suggests!), the Canal Streetcar Line is a tram that has become a real icon of New Orleans, and is convenient and pleasant to use. It serves the north of the city, including the largest cemeteries in New Orleans, St Louis and Lafayette Cemeteries. It costs $1.25 for a trip (bring exact change), and is a little step back in time that you really must experience while in New Orleans.
Cities in Monterey
South of the city of Santa Cruz and close to the seaside town of Carmel by the Sea, Monterey Bay is a beautiful and pleasant stop on your journey along the California coast. In winter it is neglected by tourists, and is a great place to watch the migration of whales, particularly from the McAbbee Beach. The bay offers some beautiful scenery with the shimmering turquoise sea.
Cities in New Orleans
Horse-Drawn Carriages
Among the many modes of transport available to the visitor who wants to explore New Orleans, party capital of Louisiana, the carriage turns out to be one of the most enjoyable. You can relax and rest your feet while the guide (many of them speak French in this city) provides an explanation of the streets and sights. And of course the children will love it!
Cities in Seligman
Seligman is a small town located in the heart of Arizona, on the road to the world famous Grand Canyon. It's not particularly well-known, but it deserves a bit more fame as it's a great place to take a little break, being fun and interesting at the same time. This is the town that marks the start of Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles through hours and hours of desert. The city is really charming, and the same as it was in the 50's and 60's, which guarantees some good laughs!
Activities in United States