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Japanese in Malaysia

7 contributors
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3 Japanese in Malaysia

Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
YO! Sushi
Dishes and more dishes piled high with Makis, Sushi, tempura and other dishes from the Land of the Rising Sun circulating throughout the restaurant, try this, or try that, super cheap greens, the dark blue ones are a bit more expensive, you cannot help but try and taste. You look at the menu, there's more! You order a specialty, to try :-), eat until your body says ... ENOUGH! You can not eat anymore more, ask one of the cheerful waiters for the bill and think ... Oh my Buddha! That taste is going to make me pass out, it is full of dishes and the place is luxurious. When you convert the price € euros you see that it costs just 15 euros for 2 people, your face lights up, lets come back tomorrow! This in Barcelona and I can afford it! You will return, but since you are there, to try, why not try another Sushi Train in the same place ... "" .... Located in the [poi = 148766] Malll Pavilion Floor 1 [/ poi], it belongs to the English chain YO! Sushi, this, however, has something that makes it special ...
Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Express Teppanyaki
"Never, no, no I in Asia am nothing like these Asians, they are pigs and they give me a bad feeling" we heard this once ... Do you agree with the person that said it?? Never mind, we've already found the solution! The chef in front of your very eyes, cooking delicious dishes at breakneck speed, giving a real knife dance, salsa, skimmers on a hot steel plate, all with extreme cleanliness and hygiene so that you can´t complain about anything. And do not tell me you do not like Japanese food because if you do, they will make you anything you want, simply grilled, which I hear is healthier ... On the [poi = 148766] 1st 1 Pavilion Mall [/ poi], another treat to enjoy ...
Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Have you read about the place [poi = 148668] Yo! Sushi [/ poi]? All that trying and tasting until you can not eat anymore ...? Well here it is the same, I would say even more so! One of the things that stand out about this restaurant is that the staff themselves make their own noddles (noodles go), in the same entrance you have a master craftsman making Japanese noodles, cooking all day (I took the photo the man was not there, as photos are not allowed, we think it's a lack of respect as the gentleman is not a monkey show). The Ramen noodles, guiozas, the makis and everything is delicious, the prices are similar to its neighbor Yo!. Here, you can also order takeout. It is located on the first floor of the Pavilion Mall .. We repeat (these dishes are really delicious!)