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Rivers in United States

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36 rivers in United States

Rivers in New York
Hudson River
The Hudson River is famous because it divides the states of New York and New Jersey. Many people work in the city of New York but really live across the river in New Jersey. It also forms a natural border west of Manhattan. It's not to be missed. Take a Staten Island Ferry to visit and photograph the Statue of Liberty. I especially recommend photographing a skyscraper in New York just before dusk. Not only you can see the sun, skyscrapers, sailboats, and New Jersey, but you can also admire one of the most beautiful sunsets and special moments in New York. I took these pictures from a skyscraper near ground 0.
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Rivers in Stevenson
Columbia River Gorge
The Columbia is the river that separates the states of Washington and Oregon in Northwest United States of America. This particular area is already relatively close to the mouth of the river. It's an environment of overwhelming beauty with immense forests, there're waterfalls everywhere and breathtaking scenery at every turn.
Rivers in Memphis
Mississippi River
Its wide and slow flow is like a presence which you can feel in every person, building or landscape.
Rivers in Boston
Walk along the Charles River
The Tour of the Charles River is really relaxing. The buildings around it are fantastic. Green spaces abound everywhere and everything is so neat and tidy. The river itself is wide and quiet, with still water and is very heavenly. It really is a worthwhile walk.
Rivers in Page
Glen Canyon Dam Bridge
In Coconino County, and more specifically in the city of Page, the Glen Canyon bridge stands out because it's managed by Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, where we also find [poi = 705 171] Glen Canyon Dam [/ poi], [poi = 72472] Lake Powell [/ poi] and a little more on the other side of town [poi = 13721] Antelope Canyon [/ poi] that you should definitely see. And following this road to the left leaving Page [poi = 72428] Horseshoe Bend. [/ Poi] The bridge is about 475 meters long and 178 meters tall from the bottoms of the river. The bridge was built in 1964 and before it existed you had to go 300 kilometers past it in order to get to the other side. In fact if you are on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and want to go to the North Rim, you have to go that way, almost 400 kilometers out of your way. If the bridge did not exist it would add several hundred more kilometers to the walk. Is the U.S., Route 89 that crosses the Colorado River. The bridge was built by U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to facilitate the transport of materials [poi = 705 171] Glen Dam [/ poi].
Rivers in Cameron
Little Colorado River Navajo Tribal Park
Near Cameron, take the bypass (Highway 64) that leads to the Grand Canyon National Park. We stopped at the Little Colorado River. A small tributary that joins the Colorado. During this stretch of road are scattered Navajo indians with little shops and captivating the innocent touris. This area is owned by the Navajo. To enter here you have to pay a small entrance fee. Worth it as inside are beautiful views of the river and several souvenir stalls ahead. This is the last place where the Navajo encamp, from the entrance to the Grand Canyon the park belongs to the U.S. government itself.
Rivers in Fairbanks
Riverboat Discovery
This cruise is not very long, but it is certainly fun. The boat is from 1950 and the Binkley of Fairbanks family are the ones who now run the activities of the boat. It passes slowly through the Chena and Tanana Rivers.The views are beautiful and you see many animals along the river banks.
Rivers in Springdale
Virgin River
The Virgin River, a tributary of the Colorado River, winds around the Zion National Park. A river which in some places can be very dangerous (Narrows) runs at other points so slowly you can hardly notice it. Sit by the shore, or even go camping as there suitable areas for this, do not lose sight of where we are at any point.
Rivers in Mexican Hat
San Juan River
Although it may seem to be a lazy river, in the water further down the river you can go rafting and try some other less risky water sports. Great just as a way to take in the scenery. It's a break for the eyes if you take a while on the way looking at the desert and little else. Here the Navajo Indian Reservation begins.
Rivers in Kodiak
Pasagshak River
The river Pasagshak begins in Pasagshak bay in southeastern Kodiak Island. This river is part of Pasagshak state park. Fishing in the river during the summer is amazing and you can also walk around and go camping or picnic at the weekends.
Rivers in Portland
Bridges of Portland
Located at the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette rivers, the city of Portland has a lot of bridges, explaining one of its nicknames: "Bridgetown". Although most are not particularly interesting, there are a few that should not be missed, both for their style and the fact that they are mobile, moving to allow larger vessels to pass. This is the case for example of the "Steel Bridge" in the heart of Portland near the Saturday Market on the waterfront.
Rivers in Kodiak
Olds River
Old's River is a river that runs through the South Women's Bay. This river is very famous in the summer because it becomes so full of salmon that you can catch the fish by hand! Always be on the look out for bears, but if you manage to avoid them, you'll find that this is one of the best places on Kodiak Island to go fishing.
Rivers in Washington
Potomac River
The Potomac River in Washington DC forms the border with the neighboring state of Virginia. This mighty river empties itself into the Chesapeake Bay in the Atlantic Ocean. In the city, it is mighty but gentle.
Rivers in Moab
Rivers in New York
Hudson River Estuary
Among the thousands of tourist offerings that you can find in the Big Apple, we chose to pass an evening watching the sunset on a boat leaving from Chelsea Pier. It was a nice trip, not too expensive, and a great place to take photos. I don't think the helicopter tours are worth it, but I really enjoyed the boat trip.
Rivers in Boston
Charles River Esplanade
If you're looking for a place to go jogging or cycling without the hustle and bustle in Boston, the Charles River Esplanade Park is for you. This park is part of the "Emerald Necklace" which is an extensive system of parks that stretches for about five miles along the banks of the Charles River. It's a long and narrow strip of green that runs from the Science Museum in the West End to Boston University in Kenmore and it offers a magnificent view of the river. Meadows and trees promise shade and tranquility and the wooden piers and jetties are great for people who want to fish or take a boat trip. There are also benches and wooden tables perfect for picnics and fountains along the path to refresh yourself when it's hot. The park has several hiking trails and paved tracks suitable for jogging, rollerblading and cycling. There's also a swimming pool and areas for tennis, softball and soccer. Lastly, as in all of the city parks, there are lovely squirrels all over. It's the ideal place for relaxation or for those who love outdoor sports.
Rivers in Wimberley
Rivers in Kenai
Canyon Creek
Canyon Creek is a river that runs through the Kenai Peninsula in southern Alaska, near the town of Hope. As well as offering beautiful views, it's also the ideal place for rafting. Gold was found here in 1895, followed by a gold rush. Up to 300 miners searched the riverbanks around this isolated area. Today it is a lovely place to stop on the Seward Highway.
Activities in United States
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