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Things to do in Sète

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The top 37 attractions in Sète

Markets in Sète
Sete Marina
The fish market at Sete port is one of my favourite places. The salt air is filled with the smell of fresh fish, there are greedy seagulls roaming near the ships, and sailors who carry on with the old traditions ... truly magical. The song of the waves, so special, can be heard on the wind. This is more than a postcard - it's an experience.
Viewpoints in Sète
Mont Saint-Clair
Established in 2009, this is a wooden block that allows you to discover the general area around this unique island. A basalt monolith, like in 2001: A Space Odyssey, was erected to add some decoration. The area is open to the winds, so in winter, I don't recommend that you stay too long.
Of Touristic Interest in Sète
Canal Royal
I have to admit that we found this interesting tradition passing through Sète. It is held every year on the Feast of St. Llis in the Royal Canal. They have been doing it since the year 1666 and this year was the 268th edition. It is a medieval style combat, with spear and shield. But the warriors are on horses, but on the stern of fishing boats. The loser falls to the water and possibly a good bruise if he fails to be well covered with the shield. A colorful spectacle, attracting a lot of spectators and nobody can deny that it is quite original. Sète is a peculiar city that's famous for its canals and is also the largest fishing port in the Mediterranean. Of all the waterways that surround and traverse the population, the most famous is the Royal Canal. Along the docks, runs the city life, with the best hotels and restaurants. Large French style buildings flanking unequivocally and give it a stately air. Something really worth seeing.
Lakes in Sète
Étang de Thau
This is the largest lagoon in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, with an area of about 7500 hectares and an average depth of 5 metres (the deepest point reaches 32m). It has a mixture of fresh and salt water, with a fragile ecological balance that makes it an ideal environment for oysters. We were lucky during your boat ride, as the wind didn't blow and the water was very calm, but sometimes this passage is very dangerous. So ask for advice before embarking - but if you can go, it really is outstanding!
Churches in Sète
Notre-Dame de la Salette
Our Lady of La Salette is a very unique chapel. Located in the Mont Saint Clair, its structure does not look entirely Catholic. The pictures on the walls are of quite a different style: they are simple, and don't accurately represent Biblical scenes. Rather, they give a modern touch to this religious monument, which can be quite surprising. The frescoes are by Bringuier, and date from 1952.
Harbors in Sète
Sète Canal Cruise
The city has a special charm thanks to its location, with plenty of canals crisscrossing it. You can take a small boat to explore the city, which is a convenient way to get around. Our guide was very friendly, and did a good job of explaining the city. The tour lasts an hour, and I think it cost about 7 euros per person.
Beaches in Sète
Sète Beach
Sete is a city with two faces. The streets are full of cars, activities in the port, and the industrial area is very visible. Farming and oyster farming take place here. But the second face is more touristy: in addition to guided walks and trips to the oysters, you can enjoy long, quiet walks through the area. Sete is a small town, not particularly pleasant, with no real pedestrian centre. It's hard to notice its charms at first glance, but it does have some good points that you can see after a slightly longer visit.
Palaces in Sète
Palais Consulaire
Located in the Royal Canal in the urban life of Sète, the art-deco Palais Consulaire building contrasts with the rest of your environment. It dominated the typical Parisian style homes typically found in all French cities. Currently it is the Chamber of Commerce and the angle that gives the two channels exhibits a striking clock tower, more suited to a church that civil property.
Harbors in Sète
Auction of Sète
Every day at about 3pm, you can see the fishing boats returning. The fishermen carefully separate the fish to go to the market or to be sold. The auction system is now fully automated - the fish boxes are carefully weighed and auctioned, with sales made by remote. It's very practical, but I do miss the old days when fishmongers had to out-shout their rivals to win a lot. Much more fun to watch!
Streets in Sète
Rue General de Gaulle
General de Gaulle Street is the path that leads to the commercial parts of the city. Here you can find plenty of shops, and you can wander in an almost entirely pedestrian area. As you continue down the street, you can enter the Veil Park, one of the few green spaces in this part of town. A modern place, there's plenty here to attract tourists.
Markets in Sète
Halles Centrales de Sète
This is the main market in the area, with long rows of stalls selling local products. The neon lights don't disturb the folklorish efect. The products are good, and you can try some lovely seafood here on the covered terraces. Although it's a market, it's not necessarily cheap, but it does attract a lot of people and provide an overview of the diversity of the products of the region.
Streets in Sète
Chemin du Mas Rousson
Rousson Mas El Camino is actually the stairway leading almost directly to the top of Mont Saint Clair. The rise is steep, so take care on the cobblestoned steps. But you can enjoy the peace and quiet - the walk isn't very long, just quite steep.
Statues in Sète
La Gloire de la Joute Monument
This work is by Pierre Noca, a sculptor who also took part in the renovation of the fountain in the town hall square. Nautical games have taken place here since 1666, and the work here celebrates that.
Statues in Sète
La Croix Blanche
Like many religious buildings, this cross is perched high on a hill, dominating the city below. On the nights of special events it lights up - and you can actually make a request at the chapel for it to be illuminated for weddings, anniversaries, funerals, etc.
Historical Monuments in Sète
Enseignants Monument
This discreet trail is dedicated to the memory of the teachers who worked in Algeria from 1830-1962, who "devoted their lives and often sacrificed themselves in the service of France."
Cliffs in Sète
Promenade du Marechal Leclerc
Along the old harbour to Pointe de Lazaret is a promenade, just as beautiful as the coast of Brittany. There's a strong breeze always sweeping this walk, which is frequented by people of all ages. The walking area is quite wide and comfortable - ideal for a family or couple outing.
Statues in Sète
Notre Dame de la Salette statue
The Chapel of Our Lady of La Salette takes its name from the statue of the Virgin found in the courtyard. The Virgin Mary is said to have appeared here to denounce the excesses of so-called Christians in 1846. She wept profusely, and indeed we can see a certain sadness in her features here.
Bike Paths in Sète
Sète by Bike
The Promenade Marchal Leclerc is not just for pedestrians, but has a wide bike path that borders the Mediterranean Sea, allowing you to cycle around as you explore this unique island. The track is flat, and is wide enough to accommodate cyclists of all levels. The landscapes are essentially the same as those you see on foot, although this is a faster, eco-friendly way to get around.

The best things to do in Sète

Looking for things to do in Sete? Look no further. This community has many activities to offer tourists. Located in the district of Montpellier, most visitors stop by for a day or two on their way to the Alps. This city lies on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and is filled with many channels and charming fishing boats.

Among the top places to visit in Sète is its small harbor. The town beach is also a must-see. It's not very big, but it is ideal for watching the tranquility of the Mediterranean Sea without too many people at your side. Mount Saint-Clair, another one of the things to see in Sete, is a hill with magnificent views from the top. You can reach the top on foot or by car and it is one of the main attractions in Sete, especially in spring or autumn. The reward from the lookout is worth it.

Another site to see which is near the city of Sète is the Thau Lake, which covers ​​about 7,500 hectares and an average depth of five meters. Looking for some other stuff to do in Sete? Have a guide take you along the canals in one of the sightseeing boats. The one-hour tour of the city is usually no more than 7 euros.

There are many places to see in Sète, so do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity!
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