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Things to do in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

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The top 2.544 attractions in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Harbors in Marsella
Port of Marseille
I'd love to go to a place like this. I've never been in France and I want to go soon, but Italy goes first. Greets
Palaces in Avignon
Palais des Papes
The route is quite spacious with a good audio guide. It was very good even though it´s almost empty. But you are not allowed to take pictures inside or videotapee. At the exit there is a kind of small winery where you can buy wines with Chateauneuf-du-Pape as the Popes were fond of these.
Cathedrals in Marsella
Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde
Without fear of contradiction, I can say that this is one of the most beautiful cathedrals I've seen in my life. To get to it you have to be willing: the cathedral is at the top of a hill. There are buses that go up but we preferred to climb up by foot. It was worth it. The neo-Byzantine cathedral is crowned by a statue of the Virgin Mary which is visible from any point of the city. That virgin is 11 meters high, which when you see from below seems little, but it is not ... It's huge! And that´s just the outside of it! From inside you can see gorgeous gold and red colors. Entrance is free, and I would say that you pay just with the climb you need to make. It is far, but possibly the best of the city. There are some views where you can see all the corners of Marseille!
Beaches in Nice
Nice Beach
Nice is one of the most beautiful places on the French Riviera. Famous for its spectacular and gigantic beaches with turquoise water, it's a city that is very good for tourists: shops, terraces, markets, leisure activities ... Spanish tourists will be surprised, surely, that the beaches are normally not public (as often occurs in northwestern Italy) and hotels and restaurants have their own private beaches. If the day is sunny, you can take great photos. Above all, from the viewpoint.
Streets in Nice
Nice Old Town (Vieux Nice)
Some say that tourism was born in Nice on the French Riviera in the eighteenth century when British, Russian and American aristocrats came to visit. In this region you can enjoy mild winters and good food. Nice is very touristy but if you make your way a bit into the city center, the old town, you can still find small signs of life in traditional "Nice": full of colors, olive oil, bread and bagnat (a famous sandwich in Nice), accents of singers, etc. It feels a bit like Italy when you can walk down the narrow streets and alleys of old Nice, with clothes hanging on the aged windows and the elderly talking from one balcony to another. We can also see frescoes, trompe l'oeil (illusions painted onto the outside of buildings) and other artistic details on the walls of the center. There is a flower market and a fish market in the Saint François Plaza. It is a must!
Historical Monuments in Avignon
Pont Saint-Bénezet
The Saint Benezet bridge, also simply known as Avignon Bridge, is an emblem of the city, along with the Palace of Popes. The bridge was built to join the city with the palace, with Villenueve les Avignon with the other side of the Rhone river. The Popes built their fortified residence on the other side of the river and they needed easy access to the palace. The construction was inspired by Saint Benezet, a shepherd, who according to legend, was guided by angels to build it. Now there's only a piece of the bridge because the river washed it away. You can visit it, there are several chapels nearby. The Cardinals prayed to be able to pass through there. There was also an entry fee of 4 euros. The bridge inspired a famous french children's song, that you can hear in the bridge's little museum.
Nature Reserves in Aix-en-Provence
Lac du Bimont
The Lac du Bimont Dam was built as a drinking water reservoir for the region of Marseille and Aix en Provence in the event of a drought. As the region is very dry in summer it also serves to hold water to put out fires. The dam is near the Sainte Victoire mountain. You can get there by bus, which leaves from the center of Aix en Provence, in front of the tourist office. The bus drops you 3 minutes walk away from the entrance to the dam. The walk around the dam is easy and you can experience a little rural Provence. Find out when the bus goes back as it is quite early. You can fish, but swimming is prohibited since it is water, and could get to tap someone else to take it! It's pretty secure and you can be fined if you bathe. Anyway the water is quite cold. Many people arrive on the weekend because the nature around is beautiful, and is the starting point for various excursions to the mountain Sainte Victoire, but also the beautiful villages of Provence.
Coves in Marsella
Marseille Calanques
After taking a bus for a long time that took us away from the heart of Marseille, and led us to the university, we walked for an hour through paths surrounded by trees and between tiny mountains, up to one view that I will always remember. From the top of the trail, and after arriving at a small esplanade, the Mediterranean Sea, which was locked in part by land extensions protruding several meters above the ocean. Everything was stained green. The trees they managed to grow between the cracks. If you want to bathe in its virgin beaches, the charm increases because it is inaccessible corners where you can only access by boat or on foot after a long hike. Of course, a wonderful corner of the Riviera must visit.
Resort Towns in Saint-Tropez
Here are some photos of St. Tropez. When we went, amazingly, it was quiet! We also had beautiful sunshine through our whole vacation. Afterwards, we took a walk around the city. But the photos don't compare with the reality. It's even more surprising in real life. This is a classic city for chic and famous tourism.
Islands in Cannes
Lérins Islands
This group of four islands, the largest being the island of Sainte Marguerite, is located in the bay of Cannes, along the coast. The boat trip to the island takes about 20 minutes from Cannes. The Sainte Marguerite Island Prison was used in the legendary film "The Iron Mask". These islands are still very wild, with very dense vegetation. There is a great restaurant L'Escale which I recommend. It's on Sainte Marguerite Island along the beach, and serves different dishes. It has a seafront terrace that is very warm and romantic at sunset!
Rivers in Aiguines
Verdon Gorge (Gorges du Verdon)
You don't need more reasons to visit this place when you discover it's the deepest gorge in Europe. On the south side, which is what we drove, was a winding road that runs from Aiguines until the Mescla Balcons, that will take no less than an hour and a quarter to drive. Along the way, are many stopping areas to allow you to stop and sightsee. For the more adventurous there are numerous trails leading down to the river itself, but it is very important to know the roads well before because the river floods can be very dangerous. The Cavaliers hotel is in a spectacular area of ​​the gorge and has a restaurant and panoramic views, ideal for a refreshing break.
Beaches in Cassis
Marseille and Cassi coves
You can go by boat, but it's better to walk. Be careful though as there are lots of slippery rocks at some points, so you'll need proper footwear. But the calla lilies are truly a marvel! The water is freezing!
Beaches in Nice
Promenade Des Anglais
The Promenade (Spanish for "boardwalk") is great in summer (you absolutely have to go to the beach), and you can tell its popularity by the amount of people who walk, bike, and skate, there. People in groups, people alone, people with their dogs. During summer, there are also "traveling shows" and lots of nightlife since the Nice beach is just below and you can enjoy a panoramic view of the sea. In winter it is also nice to just go for a walk or just sit down and enjoy the views.
Cathedrals in Marsella
Nature Reserves in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer
The Camargue
The wind, blue, green, birds, horses and rice fields make this a place like no other. If you want to take a stop along your cultural and gastronomic journey, La Camargue is ideal. This huge park formed in the natural estuary of the Rhone has plenty of trails and paths for walking and cycling. There are plenty of places for horseback riding, and don't forget to visit the Pont de Gau ornithological park (7.5€ per person from April to September).
Villages in Gordes
Gordes is a gorgeous town in Luberon, Provence, and probably one of the most well-preserved in the region. The small streets are a real pleasure to walk through, but the best part of Gordes is undoubtedly watching the sun set of the village's stone houses.
Historical Monuments in Arles
Arles Amphitheatre
Don't expect to find a building similar to this in the city's old town, as monuments of this size are usually located outside or far away from the urban center. You are walking through the maze of city streets when you suddenly find yourself within the beauty of this amphitheater, surrounded by Provencal style houses that hide this treasure, as if to protect it. Actually, this is known for its "Les Arenes," and is used for all kinds of shows and events. It loses some of its charm when you walk around and discover a network of metal bleachers ready for a contemporary concert. Mostly, their evenings run the Camargue, and this area of France is steeped in Taurine tradition. Its worth exploring for its depths, the almost 2000 year old stones that make it up. A gorgeous place, well-preserved.
Islands in Hyères
Porquerolles is the largest of the Hyères Islands found in the Mediterranean Sea. Much of the island is a protected natural park where building houses is prohibited. You can't bring your car, either. Visitors must arrive by a boat which leaves every half hour in the high season from the coast of Hyères. You can rent a bike for the day or explore the island on foot, heading down the various dirt roads which lead to different beaches. The island also has several restaurants for every budget, from pan bagnats or pizza to restaurants serving fresh fish like the chic Mas du Langoustier at the end of the island where dinner can reach upwards of 75euros a person. Renting a bike costs 15euros/day and the price of food, souvenirs, etc. is, in general, higher than it is on the mainland. In the dry season, access to the interior of the island is prohibited due to the high risk of fire. Thus the "Alarm Plan." You can go to the beaches along the coast or on the first two paths. Otherwise, normally, (except for two private wineries) the island is open to hikers. For the same fire hazards, you can't camp or smoke outside of the villages.