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Things to do in Calatayud

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The top 23 attractions in Calatayud

Squares in Calatayud
Plaza de España
Calatayud’s Plaza de España or Plaza Mayor is where you find the town hall, built in the XVI century and restored in the XIX, as well as various manor houses in the Aragonese style of the XVII century, modified in the XIX. The highlights of the square are the colours and the tilting of the buildings, it is impossible to find a straight one. Nowadays the square is being restored, and in a short time we will be able to see it in all its splendour. What is more, in this square they hold the start of the feast of San Roque, the patron saint of the city.
Rivers in Calatayud
The Piedra River
I went along with my husband and some friends to explore Calatayud, which is the Monasterio de Piedra and named after the park, which is the source of the River Piedra. I had heard good things about this place, but when I discovered it was wonderful, I loved it! Many waterfalls and as well as a forest and ravines.... it is a place that has a lot of magic and if you stop to listen to the flowing waters, it will be an unforgettable experience ....
Historical Monuments in Calatayud
Front of Santa María
Calatayud is a small town. The nicest thing to do is to walk through the small streets where you find little architectural treasures which sweeten the view. One of them is the Home of the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria la Mayor.
Historical Monuments in Calatayud
The Mochada Tower
The slope on which the tower is is incredible, next to the Tourist Office of Calatayud. As we were told, Queen Isabel II, used to sleep in the palace of Baron Warsage which is right in front of this tower, that's why it so high. It was ordered to be removed, for fear that it would fall onto the palace.
Museums in Calatayud
Municipium Augusta Bilbilis
These Roman ruins are located within 4 kilometers of Calatayud. They are very interesting, and actually still in progress. If you like archeology, do not hesitate to visit them! Admission is free. There are different signs placed among them to show what had been found in the ruins. It is also worth it to visit the Museum of Calatayud, where you can see objects found in Bílbilis: You will see Coins, mosaics, paintings, ceramics ... I called the date "before Huérmeda" still many miles on a road very narrow and full of curves in which only two cars could fit at once. Of course, the panoramic was very lovely but quite dangerous. Also the people that we met in the neighborhoods of Terrer, Ateca, Castejón Firearms (where we had the cottage) were very welcoming Calatayud. Being totally lost in this narrow road, not knowing if we had to go forward or back, alone, we meet at last! With a car that stopped to explain where we were the ruins. A very nice man who even invited us to approach the next village to offer a cup of broth. We are used to living every man for himself, in big cities, always running, so a detail as simple as a broth, let "disrupted" all morning. Thank you!!
Festivals in Calatayud
San Roque Festivals
I know that in all villages in Spain they think they have the best festivals around. I, like a good Bilbilitan, am not going to be any different when I invite you to the festival of San Roque in August. If you've ever seen or heard of the famous San Fermin festival in Pamplona, ​​I'll tell you that this small Aragonese town has nothing on that. Years ago I met some people from Navarra and I told them to come on down to Calatayud because they considered the festival here to be the "little San Fermin." I've never had so much fun at a festival as I did here, so I'll tell you again that you have to come down and try it and tell me what you think. Cheers.
Squares in Calatayud
Justicia Square
Since the early 12th century, the city of Calatayud became a plaza bordered by the kingdom of Castile, which boosted them in commercial development, but also marked the grave disaster motivated by the war of the two Pedros: "Pedro I The Cruel of Castilla" and "Pedro IV of Aragon." As such a plaza, the city had access to the doors inside, some of which are still preserved. This plaza is in the central Paseo de las Cortes de Aragon, and it's a reproduction of what was once the city. There are also several entrances, and recorded in each of them is the door's original name. Inside they've built a children's playground, which also has a garden where you can rest.
Churches in Calatayud
Ermita San Roque
Nocturnal rise to the hermitage of San Roque is up from the 1st of August (7-10 h and 20 to 1.30) and goes on to the 9th. There are many people that try to go barefoot (it's a pretty tough climb by its steep grades. The parties (rockin good) are from 14 to 17 August. The day before (the 13th) is the wine of honor (presentation of the rocks). The photos of the chapel are left here, of San Roque, as well as the relics. and dusk views Calatayud (I think very pretty)
Streets in Calatayud
Cortes of Aragon Walk
The Cortes of Aragon Walk is the main street in the city. It's a long promenade with benches, trees and fountains, as well as various decorative elements, most of which are related to the town's history. This is the quintessential place to walk and it's always crowded. Places like the Plaza of Justice, the health center and most of the prominent establishments in the city really stand out because they're related to the catering and/or the sale of local products. This path was remodeled in 2009, when they took the opportunity to extend it all the way to the bullring.
Of Cultural Interest in Calatayud
Calatayud Fields
This territory is located in the upper reaches of Jalon, between the province of Guadalajara and the counties of Carignan and Daroca, bordered on the west by the province of Soria. We stayed over Easter in a rural house. I loved the scenery. It was ver quiet and we enjoyed some very peaceful walking routes with the family. There are many medieval monasteries in the area which are very well preserved.
Churches in Calatayud
Caves in Calatayud
The Caves of Calatayud
There are many more caves in Calatayud than the Arabs knew about and were living in 40 or 50 years ago, but since we're still in a crisis, we might have to live in them again one day. (hopefully not).
Festivals in Calatayud
Festivals San Roque
The festival of San Roque is held every year in Calatayud, from August the 14th to 17th. It is four days of great fun with dancing, bands, performances, running of the bulls (similar to the San Fermin running of the bulls but smaller and more modest) heifers, rides (bumper cars, horses, shooting and many others). I will post more pictures of everything going on and I hope that everyone will recommend this page to all your friends to raise awareness of our party to bring tourism and those of you with more pictures of these parties can post them here.
Villages in Calatayud
Castles in Calatayud
Museums in Calatayud
Wineries in Calatayud
Churches in Calatayud

The best things to do in Calatayud

is a Moorish city, full of
attractions and monuments, that's home to an outstanding
enclosure, one of
the main places to visit
in Calatayud. Both the castle and the walls are of Arabian style and receive many visitors each day. This fortification consists of five castles linked by walls coming down the ravines. At the top is the Castillo Mayor or Ayyub and the Torre Mocha. Below are Doña Martina Castle, the Castillo del Reloj and the Castillo de la Peña, all attractions in
of great importance that you must see. Other things to see in Calatayud are the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Peña,
Terrer Gate, dating from the second half of the 16th century, and the College of Santa Maria Maggiore, a World Heritage Site since 2001. It's also a rich land full of archaeological sites so other Calatayud activities include visiting the Roman ruins of Bílbilis or the Celtiberian site of Valdeherrera. And if you're wondering what to do in
Calatayud to
really get to know the city, the best time to travel there is during the festivities in honor of San Roque in August. If you're traveling during these festivities and are looking for stuff to do in Calatayud, then don't worry, you'll find a number of scheduled things to do in
Calatayud at that time.