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Things to do in Sousse

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The top 30 attractions in Susah

Mosques in Susah
Sousse Mosque
For me, without a doubt, the best thing about this mosque are the views from the tower. Access is via a narrow, dark stairway, but once you get up and gaze across the city, with the crowning archaeological museum, you will be very happy that you paid the entrance fee.
Streets in Susah
Streets of Sousse
The center of Sousse is an amalgam of narrow whitewashed streets, with surprising hills. Tunisian family life takes place in the houses - in the patios - an inheritance of all Spanish 'Al-Andalus'. The small streets are cool and calm and in them you can find the find the other side of Tunisians: men and women and traditional family. There is a great contrast with the open and talkative marketers souk.
Of Cultural Interest in Susah
Sousse Square
The cozy little square of Sousse breathes the characteristic charm of the Tunisian villages. Full of life, vendors everywhere, children playing, the sound of prayers from the mosque, beautiful women covered ... It's a nice place to rest, sitting at the fountain or in one of its benches. From there, you can see a peaceful sunset, enveloped by the Rabat mosque. Near it is the medina and many restaurants and tea houses.
Of Touristic Interest in Susah
Pirate Boat Tour
One of the excursions which is usually offered to the tourist that is wandering around the port of Sousses is the tour of the coast that is almost at the pirate schip. It is also offered in different hotel or at the beach or at the pool at the hotel. This tour usually lasts about three hours and costs about 25 to about 13 per person (of course though it depends on who is offering it and if you are registered or not, because if for example You buy it at the hotel is much more expensive). The tour takes including food which is usually based on fried chicken and fish, fruit and soft drinks Coca-cola type or water. Personally I think it's worth doing because it is also quite fun and you stop the ship at sea to have a swim and the duration of the tour you spend watching the dolphins with whom you're crossing.
Beaches in Susah
Sousse Beach
Sousse beach in the caribbean seems completely isolated from everything, with fine white sand like flour and the Mediterranean Sea bathing its shores. Keep in mind that the city of Sousse is the second largest in Tunisia and has a lot of hotels, hence its beach is very well maintained and they are constantly cleaning it. In my case the part of the beach from my hotel was well kept and guarded by hotel employees, even though we had the area of ​​our hotel blocked off and they would not let people who did not belong to the complex enter.
Museums in Susah
Museo Arqueológico de Sousse
The Roman mosaics specialized in making them artistic. The Sousse museum contains the largest collection of Roman mosaics in Tunisia, and they are also very well preserved. Here, in addition to seeing the tiles, you'll learn about how everyday life was at that time, as this was the main reason that they were designed the way they are.
Streets in Susah
Habib Bourguiba Avenue, Sousse
Habib Bourguiba Avenue is one of the most important streets to be found in the city of Sousse, and it is also where you will find the majority of the Sousse promenade, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. In my opinion, the most important thing about this avenue is its fantastic location, going right along the [poi = 154322] Sousse beach [/ poi] and creating the city´s promenade. This avenue meets Avenue Hedi Chaker and joins both the avenues together to form one of the most important avenues in the city of Sousse. They are important in terms of tourism demand as they take up the majority of Sousse´s beach.
Cemeteries in Susah
Sousse Catacombs
Sousse also has Christian catacombs! They are very small and well hidden. Finding them can be a challenge, as many of the Tunisians try to take you to their store or restaurant before reaching them. Finally, a man ve knew a thousand Spanish sayings - and that was creative enough to invent some too - took us there in his taxi. The catacombs are in the middle of a house! A family home has early Christian catacombs in its basement. The catacombs are in excellent condition and you can see many of the open coffins through a window. Unlike Rome, they have not been sacked and we can see how Christian burial took place, how they placed the corpse and the objects that were placed beside him.
Viewpoints in Susah
Panoramic View of Sousse
Something you can not miss if you visit Sousse is to climb-up the Ribat towers and stairs for the best view of the city. From above we can see white roofs, houses that seem to have grown directly from the ground, the magnificent Grand Mosque and the ocean. Sousse is a maritime city on all 4 sides. Its harbor smells salty and full of life. There is a strange, bright light that floods everything, I have never seen it anywhere else. The Mediterranean is in every building ... Maybe for this reason, you feel a particular brotherhood, to be in this beautiful city.
Harbors in Susah
Sousse Port
The port of Sousse is quite large and all of the business activity is concentrated there, but they also carry out tourist cruises such as the Pirate boat trip. Among the services that has the port offers includes: Drinking water, electricity 220V type, gas station, crane with maximum load of 10 tons, ramp, etc ... When speaking of Sousse and Sousse, one must keep in mind that it is the second largest city of Tunisia, after the capital and much of their economic gains from tourism, so they have as good a deal to tourists. But one of its most important activities is trade, with goods arriving at the Souks, Medinas or markets, most of them come from the sea, hence the importance of the port of Sousse.
Of Touristic Interest in Susah
Ride in Horse
We were offered a kind of excursion combining horseback riding, camel riding and a horse wagon. The horseback ride was quite comfortable as the instructor taught you to ride and lead the horse in a way that was not too fast. It's great fun, the landscape is not the same as the Sahara desert, not so hot. Here you constantly see olive trees since the ranch is located just outside the city of Sousse in an area full of olive trees. I have recommended it to everyone who is visiting Tunisia as it's a good way to ride a horse or camel without going through the full heat of the desert.
Of Touristic Interest in Susah
Wagon Ride
The trip I hired from my hotel Abou Nawas boujaafar which took you to a horse ranch was without a doubt one of the funniest. As the tour lasted about 3 or 4 hours, you could do the donkey rides, horse ride or watch the ostrich farm, but the most fun for me was the camel ride. The wagon resembled those in western movies but something more modern, with wheels and pulled by two horses, and it was covered with a canvas to avoid the sun at those time of the year when it began to scorch lol .. .
Unusual Places in Susah
Dromedaries Fetching Water
Among the various activities here, I got to ride on camels and horses on this ranch which is located just on the outskirts of Sousse. One of the most interesting things to see here was to see the camels employed in activities of daily life, daily. We held an exhibition of dromedaries collecting water from the well and pouring it into a kind of pond used as laundry. The dromedary bound him with ropes and made him back up for pushing and pulling of water from the well and with a pulley and then basically just threw it into the water ... Very very funny! The truth is that both my travel agency and I recommend that everyone go to the desert and stay in one of these hotels, in my case it was my hotel Abou Nawas boujaafar, and be sure to go for the excursion to interactively perform all the things they offer from: horseback riding, or if you prefer camel ride, or more tired than that was the donkey ride or wagon ride pulled by two horses. You will be able to watch a traditional craft store and enjoy some of the curiosities like a camel that drinks Coca-Cola.
Of Touristic Interest in Susah
Making Handmade Bread
Of all the many trips that I did during my journey around Tunisia, the one I most learned from was the one that allowed me to see how the old Arab tribes that remain in the wilderness used to live. I arranged the trip through my hotel. Among the many curiosities that I found, the greatest thing that I saw was a [poi = 153481] camel drinking Coca-Cola [/ poi]. One of the most typical activities of the women was making artisan bread in an oven in the land that was shaped like a bowl or vase, but we got to try the bread and it was very good and quite hot by the way lol ... But as we were discovering about their daily lives, we also saw how they used the [poi = 156972] camels to collect water [/ poi].
Of Touristic Interest in Susah
Camel That Drinks Coca-Cola
Because we came out and camel drinks the Coca-Cola and we say wow this fantastic this adorable so that is a great place with a history lovers and the kids the people there are good they are good then the Americans.
Of Touristic Interest in Susah
Donkey Ride
My favorite excursion in Tunisia was one I got through my own hotel Abou Nawas Boujaafar. They took me to a ranch with horses, camels and donkeys. We got to ride all of them but he donkey ride was somewhat complicated and nobody liked it as much. The donkey kept going in their own direction so eventually you'd get stuck pulling him back on the right track. So, the caregivers more or less stayed with the donkeys.
Shopping Centres in Susah
The Souk in Sousse
The souk is in the Medina. We arrived by taxi from the hotel and immediately saw the streets that go up and down, twist and hide secret bargains. Some traders display ceramic suns, others serve couscous on huge plates as they watch us pass. I was going to take out my camera, but I was told to keep it in the bag because of all the people and because it wouldn't remain in my hands very long. We were caught by the arm to go into a stall. Ne me touche pas!!, I said, with almost no success. Outside, the colour continues while the people try to grab our attention with counterfeit European brands, and some Spanish ones.
Sports-Related in Port el Kantaoui
Centro de buceo El Kantaoui
Great dive center, the divemasters were nice people and really helpful. The facilities are good, with hot showers. The material is in good condition. En route we went past several caves. Very cool! Yes, the water was a little cold, roughly 20 degrees celsius.