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Hotels in Myanmar

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    Where to stay in Myanmar

    Hotels in Yangon
    Motherland Inn2 hotel
    This is probably the only hostel that's specifically aimed at backpackers because the other Chinese budget hotels are usually completely devoid of any atmosphere. The MI2 is a bit out of the way but in return offers free transportation to and from the airport, which is about 45 minutes away from the city, so you save money on taxis. Breakfast is the best I've had in Myanmar, and it was my last day in the country. They had good bread and real coffee. As many travelers know that arriving at odd hours by the insane transport system in Myanmar, if you leave at 4 a.m. like I do, your room isn't free. They let you sleep in the dormitory until 9, and then you get your room. My room, number 19, was $ 13 with a shared bathroom, was perhaps one of the best. It was on the second floor where it was less noisy, and in the corner of the building, with two huge windows, the only complaint one can make is that abuse on the other hand if you want to pay in kyatt as though the change in the street is $ 1 = 800, they value it at 1000 because they prefer to pay in dollars, so I recommend not letting kyatt to pay for accommodation
    Hotels in Yangon
    White House Hotel
    The White House Hotel is a little difficult to find because of the lush vegetation obscuring the entrance. Once you enter the hotel, you feel a little concerned at the lack of friendliness of the owners. However, this hotel is interesting. The rooms and public areas are very clean and the design is very nice, with white stone. The hotel breakfast is known as the best of all Yangon, and really it's abundant and varied, especially the number of jams. The top floor terrace has lovely views with the Shwedagon Pagoda in the background. The price of a single is between 6 and 8 dollars.
    Hotels in Nyaung Shwe
    Min Ga Lar Inn Hotel
    This hotel in Nyaung Shwe, Inle Lake, very close to the market has a normal price for the area and you can negotiate the price. In March 2009, a single room was between 5 and 7 dollars (5000-7000 kyat). The hotel staff are very friendly and a couple speaks very good English. This hotel is very quiet and even has a meditation hall. They boast of having the best breakfast in Nyaung Shwe and it really is quite nice, with coffee / tea, omelette / fried eggs, bananas, pancake, butter and jam. It's served on a terrace and porch If you decide to spend time on the terrace of the hotel, someone will appear with a tea. Double rooms are quite spacious, with wooden floors. The bathrooms are also spacious and have hot water 90% of the time. The walls of the rooms are a bit thin. Usually there is no light from 9-10 h or at 15-17 h. They offer boat trips for 10,000 to 13,000 kyat (10-13 dollars) and canoe ($ 3.5). They sell bus tickets.
    Hotels in Yangon
    Summit Parkview Hotel
    The Summit Parkview Hotel has reasonable prices. The common areas give the impression of being a more upscale hotel, y the rooms are normal. It has a bar where there is usually a band playing in the evenings. It also has a pool and terrace where you can have dinner. In a shop selling paintings on the ground floor there is one of the best exchange rates in the city. In the auditorium, conferences and weddings are held. The price of a double room in March 2009 cost $ 50.
    Hotels in Bago
    Myananda Hotel
    The Myananda Hotel can be found right in front of where the bus stops in Bago, but it has more cons than pros. The noise is considerable, due to continuous traffic road to Yangon. They have hot water, but only works in times when no electricity (from 23 to 5 h.), Since its generator is not enough for both. The only good thing is, but I think is common in any hotel, is that even if you arrive at 5 in the morning no charge for using the room from that hour until the usual time of check-in.
    Hostels in Bagan
    Hostal Pyinsa Rupa Guesthouse
    This hostel, located on the main street of Nyaung U, offers very cheap ($ 4-5 for a single room in March 2009) accommodation. Rooms are air conditioned, but it only works only when there is electricity, since they have no generator. Throughout Myanmar power outages are common. There is a man who works at the front desk who speaks good English and likes to talk to the guests. He also works a young boy who looks like the Burmese Rafa Nadal. Breakfast is included but is extremely simple. The room cleanliness is improved.
    Hotels in Bagan
    Bagan Umbra Hotel
    The Golden Express has good value for money. The price of a double room was 24,000 kyats (about $ 24) in March 2009. Breakfast in the garden was great. It offers a swimming pool and a PC with Internet. It's located halfway between Nyaung U and Old Bagan (the temple area).
    Hotels in Mandalay
    ET Hotel
    The hotel is run by a family of Chinese origin. As in most low-budget accommodation in Myanmar (Burma) they do not care about the details of cleaning the corners, etc., But overall this is a clean hotel with a good breakfast and a low price for what is typical in Mandalay. We paid 10.000 kyat (about $ 10) in April of 2009 for a double room including breakfast and bathroom. There were people who paid 4,000 kyat for a single room on the roof, with shared bathroom. The hotel's location is quite centric, but the truth is that it doesn´t matter much, because there are not many things to do.
    Hotels in Taunggyi
    Myanmar Treasure Hotel
    Inle Lake in Burma has been a revelation for me, its sunsets, the friendly people and their nice smiles, their temples, ... Nowhere else I have felt so calm and peaceful like I felt there. Contemplating sunsets every day was a special event. It is the first time I seriously want go back somewhere and live there for a long time, in peace ...
    Hotels in Pyin U Lwin
    Grace II Hotel
    This is place is situated a little way out of the center, about 15 minutes to be exact (not to be confused with Grace, which is cheaper and in the center), and it is not cheap, at $ 12 for a single room with private bathroom, but it's one of the nicest places in the city, set in a quiet residential area, and offers breakfast outside on the terrace, where there are spectacular gardens. Is very close to the pick-ups stop to Mandalay, but about 40 minutes walk from the train station.
    Hotels in Yangon
    Yoma Hotel
    The Yoma Hotel can't be considered as a backpacker hostel in a pure sense, but it's very economical in comparison with the Motherland Hotel. A double room with AC and bathroom is $ 25, while the Motherland charges 22 for the same. It's very clean and well known, because in August it's almost always full. You can make a reservation. It has free WiFi (only on the first floors) and breakfast is included. It's fifteen minutes walk to the Sule Pagoda.
    Hotels in Pindaya
    Conqueror Resort Hotel
    This is a very comfortable hotel in the town of Pindaya. The rooms are nestled within wooden bungalows with fully equipped bathrooms. The breakfast is not buffet style, but served at the table and quite complete. It's recommended for lunch and dinner, as they have a varied menu of both Burmese/Chinese and Western cuisine for a reasonable price. It's a very peaceful place to rest and gather strength.
    Hotels in Taunggyi
    Amazing Nyaung Shwe Hotel
    This hotel is on the main street of the town of Nyaung Shwe, on the shores of Inle Lake. It is a small hotel, with two floors and 16 rooms. Its architecture reminds one of the holiday season houses with sloping roofs and wooden balconies. Inside, the decor is careful, and the walls have numerous examples of Burmese handicrafts. The rooms are very comfortable and complete. The hotel has a small restaurant for breakfast, where you can eat lunch at a fairly reasonable price. Very complete breakfast served at the table. I recommend the spa with numerous treatments and massages. It is true they are not as economical as in many houses in the town, but worth it for the professionalism, facilities, and above all for the service. Specifically, traditional massage is fantastic.
    Hotels in Taunggyi
    Paramount Inle Resort
    The Paramount Inle Resort is a hotel located on lake Inle. The rooms are cabins scattered around the lake with a main building used as a reception and restaurant. It is a 3-star hotel and the service is very attentive. The comfortable restaurant where dinner is delicious and if ordered in time they can prepare a Spanish Omelette - fantastic, as is logical because it was a chef who had taught them. I stayed one night and it turned out very nice I also had a viewpoint from which to see a wonderful sunset over the lake, as well as the sunrise.
    Hotels in Mandalay
    Mandalay Swan Hotel
    The Mandalay Swan Hotel is in the heart of the thoroughfare, the wall opposite the Royal Palace. It is a 3 star hotel with comfortable rooms and helpful service and as I said earlier it is well located. The breakfast is a buffet and at least the rooms are big and clean, I can not ask for more. If you want more luxury right next door is a 5 star, it all depends on your pocket
    Hotels in Bagan
    Bagan Princess Hotel
    This three star hotel is at the entrance of the archaeological site of the city of Bagan. The breakfast buffet is delicious. The rooms are spacious and have up jacuzzi, although it is much more practical summary ducharse.En a decent hotel in which to spend pleasant evenings in this wonderful city of Bagan in Myanmar
    Hotels in Bagan
    Kaday Aung Hotel
    During my visit to Bagan, I stayed in the Kaday Aung Hotel. For only 15 USD you get a bungalow with AC, a bathroom and refrigerator with the mattress on the floor. The deal is excellent and the hotel offers a service to manage bus tickets, boat, change money, and bike rental for touring the temples. You can enjoy a small pool to relax after a day of sightseeing, or just relax listening to the silence.
    Hotels in Pathein
    Golden Sea Resort Hotel
    Golden Sea Resort is the best kept secret in the Bay of Bengal. This unclassifiable place next to the Emerald Sea Hotel in Ngew Saung is an enigmatic beachfront hotel, first line. Six bungalows are cheesy to me, but perfectly hidden. There is no road sign indicating the place. It is a budget hotel that is ideal for fragile and unscrupulous adventurers. At 100 m from the sea it is very basic, $10 for a single and $15 for a double. It has 2 cement bunglows, fanless, no hot water, and it only has electricity 19:00-22:00. Perfect for backpackers who want to live without fuss in a decrepit bungalow on the edge of the sea. Golden Sea Resort is the place. Double bed, unsophisticated bathroom, Burmese style, cement porch, plastic tables, coconuts and 4 chairs. The hotel has 4 rooms. The roof of the bungalow is rusty. There are 2 rattan bungalows but they are for Burmese tourists. The 4 bungalows have double beds, the veneered ceilings are chipped. It is a real low-budget beach experience. You couldn't find anything closer to the water than these bungalows. They seem to be abandoned but miraculously are not. Golden Sea Resort was not dead, she was out partying! The ideal destination for travelers seeking the authentic. After the windows just sand and sea, no fuss, no bullshit. For seekers of the good. Tiled floor, light bulbs hanging from the ceiling ... but the beach is the same for everyone. Golden Resort Experience: A journey to the heart of the Burmese coast.
    Hotels in Mandalay
    Garden Hotel
    My bus, which theoretically arrived to Mandalay at 7am, arrived at 4, and at that time my 2 accommodation options, the Royal Guest House and Hotel Nylon, were full, so the Garden, Nylon neighbor, was the only choice left. I had a room on the 5th floor, without lift, but at least it was quiet. They were nice enough to only charge me 1 night as I left at 4am the next day. The breakfast was very good.
    Hotels in Mandalay
    Nylon Hotel
    Nylon is my 2nd choice of accommodation in Mandalay, for $ 8 you get a room with private bathroom. The hotel has 5 floors, and the higher the floor the more expensive and better equipped the room. Best of all is the breakfast on the 5th floor, on the roof, with good coffee and an airy place.